30 October 2014

Listen to the Raaa-dio

I frankly can't quite believe I've abandoned my poor lovely blog for so long, but alas - I am back with more knowledge and available night-time as I start at 1pm tomorrow, HUZZAH!
Having just discovered that the house we had searched ruthlessly for (& booked to view on Sunday, to live in next year) has been let without any information, I am pretty disappointed. Gutted is probably the best word. Quite a lot of gutted. It was in a great location, and yes it was a bit pricey but it had most of the things we wanted. I guess that's just life, eh - we'll have to keep on searching.

I'm fully involved with the student radio now which is awesome as it's a lot of fun, and I would have kicked myself if I hadn't got off my butt and started a show. 'Culture Smash' is our show - full of culturally cultural things like Ebola and ghost stories and see-through aeroplanes and must-see movies - TUNE IN MONDAYS 8-9PM ON www.bailriggfm.co.uk

~ I put that bit in bold-ness because it is a simply bold statement. No it is not a request or a subtle suggestion - you have to listen, it is in the book of laws. (Under the subtitle 'When Rhiangle is on the radio' - 'Thou shalt not ignore the show, thou shalt listen with all thou's heart and send in fabulous messages via the text box to let her know thou art listening' (Richard the Important III, 2014) ~

Ok, so it's compulsory. Glad we got that settled.
Smack it into your calendar now.
(I know that you do absolutely diddly-squat on Monday nights)

Having just thought of my blog-post title while writing the above, I've handily reminded myself of a video I saw earlier this week - Robbie Williams singing 'Let It Go', from the movie 'Frozen', to his wife in the last stages of giving birth to their son. However kinda-cute kinda-appropriate this song is, it seems to not help massively in the situation at hand. Also he tries out some iffy ad-libs, maybe to woo the midwife into buying his new album. I do love Robbie though - saw him on his tour with Olly Murs (was it last year? I can't remember...) and he flew down from the top of the stage and everything it was all just SO FAB

Also, I'm going to start making playlists. Music is one of my favourite things in the world and since I listen to certain things when I'm in certain moods, I'll be posting a different mood-ed playlist each time I post so you can save them up for those times when you just need melodies and stuff in your life to make it better, and stuff. You're welcome.

Today's playlist is for when you can't stop worrying. Because this evening has just erupted into one of those times for me.

Rhiannon x

04 October 2014

A Snorlax, Marmite and He For She

So it's almost the end of fresher's week. The first lot of lectures is looming like a big fat looming thing but that big fat looming thing is also quite nice and welcoming. Just like a giant Snorlax. I'm actually really looking forward to digesting brain facts. I've invested in my French books and my first big shop which included the essentials such as this:

and THIS HUNK (without Mr. Rickman, sadly):
whoever created this image deserves a fabulous prize.
I have succeeded in impressing myself by hoovering my room and taking out some disgusting-feeling recycling bags (team playah) and am now partaking in the fun task of backing up files, which a lady the other day in an orientation session said was a good idea because apparently if your computer busts its ass then you still get penalised for work if it's late. I love my laptop dearly, I do, I do, but what I do not do is trust it in the slightest to perform at its best when I need it to. Sod's law 'n' all.
As for work so far, I have done some reading which introduces my Gender Studies course and made some notes on what I believe to be 'feminism', how I do/don't identify myself as a 'feminist' and if 'feminism' has any relevance today. It's burger-flipping interesting and I've wacked Emma Watson's speech in my examples as it's pretty significant I think. Having just checked out the He For She website now, 169,920 men have joined the movement and that sounds great...but that is WORLDWIDE. Around 24,000 men have signed up in the UK alone. That sounds great too but in the UK there are over 63 million people. Let's say half of them are men. 24,000 out of 31 million. When you look at it as a percentage that's 0.077% of men in the UK and frankly we need more. I know a lot of them are young boys but still.
Get signed up, s'il vous plait, les hommes anglais - merci beaucoup et bonne nuit.

Rhiannon x

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30 September 2014

The energy is not with this one

Is there anything more powerful than Florence & The Machine choruses? Probably not.
It's almost evening now and today I've been recovering from what feels like my sixth worst headache I've ever had. I'm curing it sensibly by blasting Spotify.
Went to my minor talks today as I'm almost certain I want to take those subjects (French, and Gender & Women Studies). Would have done Criminology but it clashes with French D:
ANYWAY G&WS actually looks pretty awesome and interesting so I really want to do it. And it wasn't all girls in the talk which was cool to see. I could actually see, despite my lack of consciousness even after a couple of hours of a nap in the daytime. My French talk was at the delightful time of 9:15 this morning and after getting to sleep at 3am I can officially say that I MADE IT TO THE TALK ERMEGHERD.

6 hours sleep is okay if you've not been doing much all day but 6 hours sleep with lots of alcohol and tiredness in the body ain't the best motivation to get out of bed at 9. Nope. But I made it (despite being a few minutes late and doing a walk of shame to sit down as the doors opened really loud at the back of the lecture theatre).

Tomorrow enrolment for majors happens and a few other talks. Hoping the gorgey weather hasn't gone away for good!

Rhiannon x

29 September 2014

paint party fail

I swear that I have paint stuck in my left ear.
I've also joined the Organ Donor Register - did that when I registered for a new doctor over here.
I have a meeting later on for my department and until then, I was planning to sunbathe but it looks like the sun has gone in, noooOoooOooOOooooOOoooo.

28 September 2014

Down It Fresher

Tonight is the first night on which I'll inevitably hear that phrase. PAINT PARTY, PEOPLE.
I've got around 20 minutes before I need to leave to register so just thought I'd update my blog while listening to a healthy dose of Florence.
I moved into my brand new shiny room with the help of Momma Knowles yesterday and late last night while I couldn't sleep I added some last minute touches (a.k.a even more photos).

terrible quality, soz boz
Everyone here is so nice and I think I'll settle really easily here. Saw the wonderful Ethan this morning for a cheeky Subway which was great! Think I'll venture into the world of cooking something later on before going out and I need to buy some alcohols in preparation so that's my itinerary for then, including grabbing a free milkshake (yes, I know, awesome with a capital AWESOME). Just sorting out my face as I know I have to have my photo taken in a bit, and I love having my photo taken loathe having a camera anywhere near my face when unprepared. So I'm preparing, yus.

Right - think I'll make a sign for my door to ensure people can spell my name (a more common problem than you'd think, mate) and then I'll grab my stuff to register. Fun times! Can't wait for things to begin happening tonight though - I think the biggest night out is tomorrow (Monday) night, which is cleverly placed right before my 09:15 compulsory meeting for French Studies on Tuesday morning. Safe to say I will not be loving life at that moment. Well done me. I'll be downing pints and pints of water to save me from having a sore head (and I'll make sure that it's water I'm downing don't worry).

Hope everyone reading this is having a great freshers/refreshers/time at uni/work!

Ciao for now,

Rhiannon x

26 September 2014

It's Tomorrow.....Dayum

Leaving in approximately 9.5 hours, not that I'm counting or anything. Everything seems to be packed now. I've had to abandon some outfits, my precious lava lamp and some photographs that won't make it onto my uni walls - for reasons. Here are a few I'm NOT taking:

Yeah..... I think they explain themselves.
I can't wait to meet all my flatmates and they will all win bonus friend points if they refrain from stealing my cooking stuff for the whole entirety of the year. *fingers crossed*

Right, I better get to sleep to prepare myself for tomorrow as I need to be on form socially (hmm) and also I want to finish my Audrey book before I leave. Understandably. Sorry this wasn't much of a blog-post - I think this week will be full of daily but short updates as I'll often be busy with Fresher-y things, m'fraid. Keep checking back though, if you're interested. If you're not, I'm not really sure why you're here....nope, can't think why. What I mean is: if not, that's fine, go make that smoothie or do that job you were meant to do three days ago or call up a long-lost relative or adopt a cat, I don't mind. If you are, then THAT'S AWESOME thank you mon amie, tu es geniale (keyboard won't let me do accents :()

i'm not taking these. your panic is over.
lots of loving,
Rhiannon x

25 September 2014

2 Days to Go

Title is explanatory - I have 2 days until I leave for uni. My room is becoming a large pile of bags and boxes but luckily I have so many books and things I can't possibly take them all, so my room will still look moderately homely when I go.

Today I'm going to take down all my posters and blast some tunes to encourage myself to power on with packing. Once I watch a significant amount of last night's Bake Off I'm going!

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