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65 Thoughts I Had About GBBO for SU2C - Episode 4

WELL HELLO THERE. It is I, super duper late to the gravy celebrity bakey train but here nonetheless.

Suggested by a very dear pal of mine, I'm here tapping away to put some writing on your screens about a recent episode of Bake Off, the Celebrity version to be exact, which this year raised/is raising money for Stand Up To Cancer, a fantastic cause. As aforementioned, I am late to this series and I'm starting it by, naturally, watching & reviewing Episode 4. I'll make sure to watch the others in my own time, but I thought that all of you organised Bake-Off-loving beans out there will have already done this. So here I am. Let GCBOFSU2C *ahem* Episode 4 commenceth.

I've just remembered how much I love doing this - splurging my thoughts down in bullet points. ENOUGH ABOUT ME, let's get on with the show.Noel dressed as Sandi and vice versa. I’d like to see the Paul and Mary version of this (triggered).Duhduhduhduh, duhduhduhduh, bong. The theme tune of course.It’s L…

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