11 May 2015

Cake and Kicking Butt

One thing I always agree with is that you should get your priorities straight.
And that is why, dear friends, I'm sat here eating a fondant fancy.

My first priority was to find my Apple headphones. As anyone on campus will know, I am pretty much lost without them. When I lose my headphones, I may as well just not go outside at all (okay maybe going to get milk is an exception) because I need the ability to psych myself up for lectures and seminars with a five minute blast of The Rapture/Queen B/Snoop Dogg*.
Luckily, I've found a solution. My beautiful Skullcandys, from when Orange used to be Orange and not part of EE and they gave out gifts with phones, are out in full force. Not gonna' lie, the sound-quality is immense yet I do feel like I'm constantly DJ-ing even though all I'm doing is strolling down the Spine. I don't know where my old Apple friends have gone but if they're reading this they need to know that I'm thinking of them and they need to come home. They were so much easier to run with.

*tunes depend on mood of self

My second priority was to finish referencing my work, which I've ONLY GONE AND DONE, HOLY TRAYBAKE. The reason why I'm so chuffed with this is that I started this piece yesterday and honestly thought I'd still be working on it until tomorrow's 1pm deadline. Thank God for Sundays.

My third and penultimate priority was to practice the presentation with my group for tomorrow. And we have done. I can officially tell you a very official and secretive secret: we are going to kick its butt. Like this:

And this:

And afterwards we'll drive off out of the lecture theatre in this exact car saying this:

And that leads me to my most recent fulfilled priority, the cake. Which was super delicious and from Betty's at Harlow Carr (they also have stores in York and Harrogate - you will not regret going one bit). I'm hoping my brother succeeds in his ambition to work there partly because it's his dream and partly because I liked that cake so much I had to take a photo of it - the beauty is almost too much to bear.

Ciao for now,

Rhi x

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06 May 2015

How to Stay Calm in Times of Stress

Today's blog comes from a Rhi who is rather swamped in le travail. That's 'work' in English. See, I'm mixing my languages up, obviously a sign I'm pushing myself too hard (she says whilst taking her third break this hour)

Yup, just to illustrate - this is me right now, the mud and all
I know not everyone who reads my blog posts is studying right now, and so I thought I'd cater for everyone reading (please send all tokens of gratitude directly to my door via horseback) and write about how to remain, in a general sense, c a l m during times of increased stress.
Of course it's May now so there are some of you nerding up (or not nerding up, naughty) for exams, or maybe you're one of those lucky students who does 100% coursework - if so, nice move, seriously, reaaaaaaal nice one, just don't rub it in exam-lings' faces or we will take revenge during our "we don't give a **** what our grades are" season in-between our last exam and a few days before results day.
For you wonderful readers who aren't caught up in the web of education for whatever reason, you might have a job and if so you'll know very well the definition of 'stress'.
Of course, stress is caused by many things other than work. Social pressures, relationships, not being able to get a lid off a jar, and issues with family and friends (maybe that should have gone before the jar thing) all contribute. As well as, of course, random things related to themselves people stress about for no seemingly apparent reason, or maybe very evident reasons that people don't want to confront.

I am in no way an expert but the list below comprises of the things I do to relax and unwind when it's all just getting a bit too much. Hopefully it will help (YAY) and you can come back to it time and time again (DOUBLE YAY).

1. Listen to soothing music.

My answer to everything is almost always music. What is one of your favourite things in the world? Music. What're you listening to? Music. What's in that bagel? Music. Of course, there are certain tracks/albums/artists you don't really want to be listening to so I go direct and search for relaxing playlists on Spotify or YouTube. This is my current jam which I'll be doing yoga to shortly:

2. Practice breathing, slowly.

Not so slow that your lungs start crying and questioning their purpose in life, but so that you feel that you have enough control over your own body to start dealing with whatever issues you're faced with. In yoga we're told to breathe in for ten seconds and then out for ten seconds on certain moves, which is quite difficult at first (admittedly, especially in unnatural body positions) but if you can build up to this it really helps relaxation.

3. Write down your thoughts as they come out naturally, for 2 minutes.

This way, you can get a good grasp of what's really bothering you, or just have some weird but slightly nice therapeutic you-time. Which is important. If you're working for other people all time it can be easy to forget that we need to concentrate on ourselves at least once a day. Then, if you're like me, you'll get satisfaction when you rip up the paper (subsequently recycling) and move on.

4. Read for at least 6 minutes before bed.

I recently read somewhere that 6 minutes of reading can seriously help you get better sleep, and better sleep means less tired you, which means less stress and more will-power in the long run. Last night, I tried to do this but couldn't find a book I haven't yet read and therefore decided to read my 2013 diary. It was pretty hilarious and nostalgic and I slept better than I had done for the past week.

5. Drink lots of water.

Just, science.

6. Spend a bit more time outside, y'know, with nature and stuff.

Nature is nice. Nature doesn't give you deadlines. Nature doesn't make you reference things you don't wanna. Nature doesn't tell you you're slacking. Nature doesn't not give you a tip because their hot chocolate turned into a lukewarm chocolate en route from the kitchen to the tearoom (ahem). You get the picture. Maybe jog a bit (careful). Also, bird noises are super relaxing - that's why they feature on half of the relaxation music ever created, along with waterfalls. Note: if you combine numbers 1 and 5, make sure to avoid regular waterfall soundtracks.

That's it from me for today - I'm off to yoga (it's now a verb) and read for 6 minutes. I'm actually excited to go to sleep so I can wake up and have a breakfast of sausages and scrambled egg. This is my life.

Rhiannon x

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24 April 2015

My mini post on "Gay & Under Attack" from "Reggie Yates' Extreme Russia"

Couldn't think of a better title - short and to the point.
Those of you who've read my blog before, you may have noticed/read a similarly-themed post a while back. Those of you who are connected with me via Facebook, you might have seen a link I shared last week.

Reggie Yates' Extreme Russia
In a sheer desperate attempt to distract myself from an essay I have due in scarily soon, I watched the second episode of a BBC series presented by Reggie Yates called "Reggie Yates' Extreme Russia". The first episode, on the subject of Russian nationalism, aired last week and if I'm honest I was shocked enough into watching this week's by the first ten minutes of that one alone. There were so many worrying parts, including this one.
The title of the second part is "Gay & Under Attack" and you can access it by clicking here.
In the episode, not only are the Russian LGBT community rejected with poor excuses by venue-owners for their annual Queerfest and hounded by homophobes but they suspect their offices have been bugged, i.e. filled with secret tiny cameras by people who don't agree with their beliefs in order to spy on them and ruin their powerful get-togethers/activism for their rights. They also can't display any type of affection towards their partners in public so as to abide by the Russian LGBT propaganda law. That means no holding hands, no kissing, nada.
Watching this first made me very happy to be in the UK, but it's way more than that. The people who have the power to grant gay-marriage to all in the UK don't need monetary rewards, or giant pats on the back. They are simply being humane and accepting that anyone has the right to have a relationship with an individual of any gender. It is extremely sad that this isn't the case across the world. However, this doesn't mean we shouldn't fight until LGBT rights are equal to all heterosexual people's rights everywhere.
The histories of the UK and Russia are without a doubt very different from each other, and in the episode I linked you to above, Reggie identifies the fear within certain homophobic people's attitudes and the possible reasons behind it. He reckons that tradition is incredibly to important to these people, and the fact that only heterosexual relationships were prominent traditionally causes them to worry that the increase of LGBT relationships in Russia will destroy tradition and what Russia is as a country.
When put like this, it is more understandable as to why some Russian people are so passionate about being anti-gay. That is not to say that I agree with it AT ALL. This issue shouldn't be a matter of tradition, or politics, or law - it should be a matter of having a heart, considering others and how they feel when they walk out of their house everyday into a society where they're constantly watched and fear for their lives just because of the gender of the people or person they're in love with.

This is all heavy stuff, and I really need to go and make some tea and write other things that contribute towards my degree. But some day this has to be sorted for the sake of decent humans everywhere. All I know is I want to get to the point where everyone reacts to relationships between all genders like this:

Or at least smiles.


Rhiannon x

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06 April 2015


As of late I'm relaxin' and maxin' at home and stuff. I could have started this blog post more gracefully but it's past 10pm and I've consumed some summertime beverages so let's not get all shirty about this. Let's just all take a deep breath as demonstrated below:

You get double points if you eyes look this good afterwards.
Actually does anyone know what this is from? Anyone? I mean, because I'm pretty sure that's not what Benedict's face looks like normally. I mean, because I don't spend any extended amount of time looking at it. OKAY let's move on.

It's finally sunny!
Piece of advice for summer: do not do this under any circumstances.
And since it's April I figure that this is a miracle, happening because of some unknown reason. You can figure out yourself what that reason is.
Maybe you gave an item of food or drink to a homeless person in the last year and they were secretly God inside, testing your kindness, and GUESS WHAT you won and now everyone's grateful for your giving nature now you've made the sun come out.
Maybe you wished for this on your last birthday when the candles all blew out, because you're cool like that.
I don't know but what I do know is: this is awesome, please continue oh Sun.

Other things that have occurred recently:

  • I've booked my train to the festival of dreams, a.k.a. the big G, which makes it all the more real
  • Michelle Obama read stories out to lots of families at the White House for Easter Egg Roll celebrations and it was the coolest thing ever
  • I consumed an entire Lindt bunny and didn't regret a thing
  • The Leaders Debate: I'm not even going to go far into this one - there are probably already lots of blog ramblings about it on the internet. Let's just say there were lots of creepy staring-s into the camera/attempted hypnotism of the audience at home, annoying pompous laughs and a few nice accents to listen to. One thing: I think voting is definitely a good idea this year if you weren't going to do it already
  • 1 essay down, only 3 more in the year to go:

Have a great rest of Easter break. Ciao for now (yes I did just use that phrase, no I am not ashamed.)
Rhi x

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31 March 2015

teeny tiny segment of life

To paint you a great picture, I'm currently sat here in a really attractive white and polka-dot dressing gown waiting for my hair to dry so I can add yet more colours to its spectrum of barnet joy. This is me having just eaten one of Linda McCartney's pies accompanied by some of those bacon crisps with racing stripes on. FRAZZLES. Thank you, sir/madam Google.

In between here and the last paragraph, I've spent 5 minutes reading online reasons as to why people think Google is male or female. It's been a long day - I'll update you with the hair later.

29 March 2015

Apocalypse. Now.

Being back on campus is like being in one of those zombie apocalypse movies, but without the zombies. Instead of the walking dead, regarding the people I have seen, there appears to be a population consisting of the following: 80% people from much warmer/stylish countries, 10% people who don't want to go home, 9% random staff and 1% lost souls.

Having survived a long 24 hours of no verbal communication and having also put ticks in 5/8 boxes on my to-do list I'd say today's been a pretty good day for me. Let's just not focus on the fact that the 3 tasks at the bottom were probably (okay, definitely) top-priority and you may or may not find me in a cocoon of fluffy blankets and tortilla chips on Wednesday to further avoid my essay on Madagascan ecotourism. It will get done. I trust myself. There'll just be a lot of scrumpled-up plans, unnecessarily long wanderings around the semi-relevant sections of the library and a few prolonged sighs in the meantime. Oh, and this:

Tomorrow/in a few hours, the clocks go forward one hour (if you're in Britain. If you're not HEY THERE! I sincerely and utterly hope it's nicer outside where you are because right now at this very moment the rain is on a level of disgusting below that of the rotten cupcakes I found in the kitchen. Honestly, the once-white cream cheese icing had turned the colour of forget-me-nots). This means that after I grab my Weetos I will inevitably rush onto my laptop in the morning to check that I'm living according to the correct hour. The idea that the clocks go forward themselves doesn't apply to all clocks, I've learnt, and so we still need to sort out this task ourselves. Unless all our clocks are on our phones/weird other electronic devices, which would be sad because a lot of old clocks are beautiful. Just look:



Do you not just want these right now? No?! Okay. Well all I know is I'm looking at my alarm clock right now and thinking it needs to work on its appearance.
What is this.
Who am I.
Swiiiiiiiiftly moving on - I'll ignore what just happened in my brain tubes and say that the reason why the clocks (or we) are doing this is that it's becoming British Summer Time! You wouldn't know it if you looked outside, but apparently this is the case so let's all get our shorts and shades out and shiver with massive grins and pretend that it's 15 degrees warmer than it actually is. YAAAAY. One thing I need to mention - please no bum shorts. Speaking from festival experience, no matter how hot it is or how many ice creams and tanned legs you need to Instagram there is never a right time for bum shorts.

Well that's it for tonight. I'll be sure to update you on anything exciting I find out about Madagascan safari parks.

R x

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25 March 2015

lazy days

The title of this post is pretty much a summary of my week.
After trying to find a karaoke bar last night we ended up in G.A.Y. dancing to Britney and another place where they played Haim and I had a moment because no club plays Haim and Haim are life
(I've transported myself to the big city nearby, my uni town doesn't hold this level of cheese)
Thought I'd update you on my easter break seeing as we're all planning to take it so easy today and eat popcorn for an especially long amount of time. Please excuse me while I shower myself into an okay state