29 March 2015

Apocalypse. Now.

Being back on campus is like being in one of those zombie apocalypse movies, but without the zombies. Instead of the walking dead, regarding the people I have seen, there appears to be a population consisting of the following: 80% people from much warmer/stylish countries, 10% people who don't want to go home, 9% random staff and 1% lost souls.

Having survived a long 24 hours of no verbal communication and having also put ticks in 5/8 boxes on my to-do list I'd say today's been a pretty good day for me. Let's just not focus on the fact that the 3 tasks at the bottom were probably (okay, definitely) top-priority and you may or may not find me in a cocoon of fluffy blankets and tortilla chips on Wednesday to further avoid my essay on Madagascan ecotourism. It will get done. I trust myself. There'll just be a lot of scrumpled-up plans, unnecessarily long wanderings around the semi-relevant sections of the library and a few prolonged sighs in the meantime. Oh, and this:

Tomorrow/in a few hours, the clocks go forward one hour (if you're in Britain. If you're not HEY THERE! I sincerely and utterly hope it's nicer outside where you are because right now at this very moment the rain is on a level of disgusting below that of the rotten cupcakes I found in the kitchen. Honestly, the once-white cream cheese icing had turned the colour of forget-me-nots). This means that after I grab my Weetos I will inevitably rush onto my laptop in the morning to check that I'm living according to the correct hour. The idea that the clocks go forward themselves doesn't apply to all clocks, I've learnt, and so we still need to sort out this task ourselves. Unless all our clocks are on our phones/weird other electronic devices, which would be sad because a lot of old clocks are beautiful. Just look:



Do you not just want these right now? No?! Okay. Well all I know is I'm looking at my alarm clock right now and thinking it needs to work on its appearance.
What is this.
Who am I.
Swiiiiiiiiftly moving on - I'll ignore what just happened in my brain tubes and say that the reason why the clocks (or we) are doing this is that it's becoming British Summer Time! You wouldn't know it if you looked outside, but apparently this is the case so let's all get our shorts and shades out and shiver with massive grins and pretend that it's 15 degrees warmer than it actually is. YAAAAY. One thing I need to mention - please no bum shorts. Speaking from festival experience, no matter how hot it is or how many ice creams and tanned legs you need to Instagram there is never a right time for bum shorts.

Well that's it for tonight. I'll be sure to update you on anything exciting I find out about Madagascan safari parks.

R x

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25 March 2015

lazy days

The title of this post is pretty much a summary of my week.
After trying to find a karaoke bar last night we ended up in G.A.Y. dancing to Britney and another place where they played Haim and I had a moment because no club plays Haim and Haim are life
(I've transported myself to the big city nearby, my uni town doesn't hold this level of cheese)
Thought I'd update you on my easter break seeing as we're all planning to take it so easy today and eat popcorn for an especially long amount of time. Please excuse me while I shower myself into an okay state

18 March 2015

The Day after the Day of the Irish

All my work for this week is done, and for that reason, I am sat in my room having a slug-day after celebrating St. Patrick's Day last night. Sazatron won a big green top-hat for the most enthusiastic sing-a-long in the club so that just echoes our karaoke success earlier in the evening (had never done karaoke before and it's... extremely liberating). We chose Livin' on a Prayer and I couldn't get through it all without going back to my wine in the guitar solo, but at least it's done now.
I planned to shop today but my willingness to spend money isn't present. Ah well, saving is good. After all, I need dollah to go and have a mega Netflix and wine sesh with one of my favourite people soon.

If you're reading this and you're a student, you're probably finished with uni now or about to break up for a while, in which case don't work too hard and have an awesome Easter. You've earned it.

If you're not, I hope you get at least a few days off to relax and unwiiiiiiiiiiiind. And maybe eat some chocolate at some point. Y'know, because Easter.
I'm not going to the gym today because I have zero energy, so tonight I think I'll get an early night (she says knowing full well there's not a great chance of this happening) and head there tomorrow before all my seminars commence.
Will update soon.

Take care amigos,
R x

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12 March 2015

Tina Fey's Wig

Good morning all.

I'd like to say I'm up at this ungodly hour to work on my essay but the truth is that I've just been trying to buy Muse tickets for 20 minutes, only to discover via Twitter that they sold out in a matter of seconds.

screw you, internet wizards
Anyhoo on a lighter note, last night I got introduced to 30 Rock (thanks to Sazatron) which is important as anything, and I think it's safe to say that Tina Fey has well and truly established herself as one of my favourite fame-people.
I finished the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt series, in which Tina Fey's wig looks mildly like a loo brush

and I'm pretty sure I fell sideways laughing at least three times, so I guess you could say it's humorous. Watch it, I dare you.
After some mild form of partying last night my head feels like someone's hitting it over and over with several screwdrivers so I'm going to google hangover cures and get back on the essay game.
Ciao bellas,

R x

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08 March 2015

Days 9 and 10 of... Rhi...

Unfortunately this is the end of my Sober Rhi series, because Sober Rhi went out on Friday night to a charity beer festival and, despite planning not to drink, did infact, end up having cider. I have a plausible explanation for this: my reasoning is that on entry the important people in the beer t-shirts told us we had to pay £5 for a pint glass (into which we would get all of our drinks, at which point I was thinking non-alcoholic ones) like we'd expected BUT THEN they informed us of an additional £5 charge for tokens to get drinks inside the venue as the bars weren't taking any physical coins or notes.
Even if I was on a wild apple-juice bender in Somerset I would certainly not end up spending £5 on the stuff.

And this is why I decided that it would be worth it to drink, to get my money's worth.

In my defense, I stuck to the cider (a sweet strawberry one was available much to my delight) and had a brilliant night and didn't feel rotten the next day at all.

In conclusion, you can have an amazing time whilst drinking a moderate responsible amount of alcohol and wake up without feeling overly rubbish or tired and not have to spend very much either - AND you remember the whole evening clearly. Bish bash bosh real good tosh

On another note, I've spent my weekend planning an essay, searching for hot dogs on the other side of campus to no avail, and learning Harry Potter riffs on the ukulele. I plan to go to sleep before half 11 tonight after watching some more Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (thank you oh goddess of comedy and life Tina Fey) and reading some more of Longbourn, which is pretty strange to read at the moment as the character is walking through the streets of Lancaster at the point I've reached. I wonder if I've passed the author on the street as she lives here (or she did at the time of print anyway).

06 March 2015

Days 7 and 8 of Sober Rhi

I spent yesterday in a French-induced coma (not drinking) and today revising for my test this afternoon which went really well. This could mean 1 of 2 things: either the test really was easy and I did well or I thought I knew everything and really didn't.

Either way, the test is over and done with and I'm going to try and go to a beer festival and drink no beer. If something really bad happens between now and later on I may be forced to have a beer but I'm going to try my best not to give in, just for you. JUST FOR YOU. How good is that.

It's Friday again and I don't really understand how it's arrived already, but at the same time Fridays are amazing so we should all just celebrate and buy easter eggs on offer and throw them around in the air and then pick them up and eat them

I have special admiration for those people who've successfully so far given up chocolate for Lent. How do you do this? Are you wizards/witches? TELL ME YOUR SECRETS
Actually honestly I think we should all just embrace chocolate whilst it's on the earth with the cocoa shortage and whatnot. Does anyone know if chocolate is going to run out?....anyone?
I hope you get a good start to your weekend tonight/tomorrow morning if you're an active being. Au revoir, mes amigos.

R x

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05 March 2015

Day 6 of Sober Rhi

A significant amount of Day 6 was spent with me waiting for my Asda delivery. In that time I went and checked my mail, and did some mild revision. I didn't go to the gym (in case of sudden arrival of Asda van) and instead did a weird 80s workout from the vintage depths of YouTube in the confined space of my room.
By the time aforementioned Asda van actually arrived (10 minutes later than the slot, which sounds acceptable but my stomach was saying otherwise), I'd already tweeted Asda in a concerned manner several times and in my distress succumbed to making curly fries and sharing them with Kate. Followed by delicious apple tart (thank you Sazatron) and several oeros it's safe to see this has not been my healthiest of afternoons. Tomorrow is gym day though bright and early (urgh).
Had a great evening in the pub doing the quiz with the Pink Flamingos and we actually kicked quiz-butt this time - this didn't allow us a win however, as some people in our college are either prime cheaters or human encyclopedias. Also, after winning at pool, I'm genuinely considering doing it as a sport next year (because, yknow, so many calories burnt and stuff...oh and I take part in a shocking total of 1 societies).
No hilarious gifs this evening as my phone just can't deal with them. But it can deal with this photo of a sunset so here you go: