20 January 2015


Today I stood on an unknown sharp thing and cut the bottom of my foot. I also attempted to clear the floor of broken ceramic mug pieces and cut my finger open on a very sharp tiny piece. You could say I'm having a GREAT DAY.
As a result of this Great Day, I am finding it incredibly hard to type with one of my main typing fingers bound up in a strong but restricting plaster. I'm trying my best just for you (this is the part where you 'awwwwww' in a delightful manner).
Earlier, I went with Kate to the Refreshers fair. Which is like Freshers but here it happens in the 2nd term for all the people who bailed out of societies in the first term (most of us). We succeeded in joining the Yoga Society and getting information about the first session which we'll be attending in due course. I did a bit of ear-ogling towards the blissful beats of the Hiphop and Breakdance Society but came to the conclusion that I could never reach any of their levels of cool and that yoga would be much better suited to me and my sport spirit. Yes, I've decided that's a thing now.

15 January 2015

Day 1 of Gym-ness

OKAY so I went to the gym today and I admit, it was tough (mainly because I've been lazy and haven't run twice in a week since September) but I felt really good afterwards. Although I had a few moments where the people next to me started rowing/running in time with me and it gave me the exercise creeps. This gym-ness did not stop me eating an inappropriate amount of Nutella so now I am taking action and putting my Nutella under my bed because it's really hard to reach under there because compartments underneath are covered with two heavy wooden square lid things. Going to the gym again on Sunday so I will right my wrongs. It's so flashy since all the machine-things have individual TVs on and you can tune it to whatever channel you want. What even is gym life. (Answer: high-tech wonderfulness.) I'm kinda glad that there is a shortage of hazelnuts and chocolate because that will help me on my way to true fitness.

Today I've been to the library and read up on Linguistics as I had no work to do and this is major progress on my part - by working when I don't need to. Holy smokes. I'm reading some more after I finish this essential marathon of New Girl episodes, nail painting and blogging.

Tomorrow we start learning about Classicism in French and it sounds kinda cool and arty so I don't think I'm actually going to mind tomorrow, which is surprising because it is a day named French Thursday. One of the plays we're studying was shown by the National Theatre. I hope it's online... it stars Dominic Cooper...and it would count as revision....

12 January 2015

How to Psych Yourself Up for the Gym

So it's January. A lot of you will be thinking you need to get your gear together this year and do some more exercise. Maybe you're taking up yoga, or ultimate frisbee, or you're joining that Zumba class you hear blaring through the village hall walls every Tuesday evening. Yes, maybe you're doing those things or maybe, like many decide to do (me included), you're gonna join that thing called The Gym. Uh-huh. That's right. The big building full of machines to move your body on and stretch various muscles that you never knew existed because you've been eating what you like all your life,

staying comfortable,

and haven't wanted to go running every day.

We can all relate to this.

So I've jotted down the following tips to create a lovely short deliciously golden summary of the ways in which you can actually motivate yourself to GO to the gym:

1. Buy a gym membership. Do it. Even if it's just for one month, or a cheeky free trial is offered at your local gym, make sure you sign up. It's surprising how much this motivates you to go (especially when you splash out the dolla').

2. On your induction, make a mental map of the places where you want to work out in the gym. And the changing rooms. That way, when you arrive for your super-duper workout with super high-tech shorts and a fabulous shiny water bottle, you'll know exactly where to go and feel uber-confident.

3. Speaking of super shorts, make sure you're super comfortable in what you wear to the gym. It doesn't have to cost lots or look amazing (seriously, people who look amazing in the gym really aren't trying hard enough). Just make sure you have a loose top in which you won't get too hot when you're properly working out. Oh, and some shorts/leggings/tracksuit bottoms too. No underwear in the gym, people. Trainers are the thing to get the most right - invest in some that support your feet as much as possible in order to avoid unwanted injuries/aches and pains the next day. JD Sports and Sports Direct often have good deals in their sales, and provide footwear for high arches and low arches (like me).

4. Create an ultimate get-pumped playlist. For those of us that like to workout to the sound of the music playing in the gym or the rhythm of ten pairs of feet thudding on treadmills, this tip isn't for you. Please gallantly move onto the next one. Okay HELLO - YOU want to get musically gymically (?!) creative, that is correct? Well, my friend, with the beautiful help of Spotify and their newly free app even for people without Spotify Premium, we are able to create our own playlists and listen to them whilst running/rowing/cross-trainer-ing etc etc. I've called my collaborative one with my distant but present-in-spirit besto gym buddy (MRH) 'ULTIMATE GYM'. Short, sweet and to the point. What I'd advise when creating your playlist is you add songs that you genuinely like to listen to and know you won't get bored of. These songs also need to be exercise-able to. For example, I like to use the treadmill but I can't run in time to Bon Iver, beautiful as his soft subtle voice is, so this is a much better, and up-beat, alternative. Don't be afraid to put some slower ones on the list too - warm ups and warm downs are essential.

5. Push yourself, but not TOO far. It's always good to push towards your limits, but once you're near them, don't go over. You do not want to be passing out in a gym. Especially on a moving piece of exercising equipment. By avoiding this, you'll remember each gym session as a positive revitalising experience instead of some kind of hell you never want to return to. You also don't want to injure yourself by going too crazy with the weights. You are not Mike Tyson. Unless you are, in which case, hello how do you do Mr Mike.

6. If you go prepared, you'll be fine. And if not, you'll be fine too. Take that 20p or 50p or £1 for the lockers. Easy, and if you forget one just head to reception to rent a coin or ask someone else in the changing rooms for a little coin lovin'. Take that water bottle - water is beautiful and having it during and after that hardcore sesh will get you through. If you forget that, just buy a bottle of water from the vending machine or ask the reception for a spare bottle/drinking receptacle. Chill. All will be healthy and spectacular.

7. Make a schedule. When it's time to go to the gym, and you don't want to go, don't lie to yourself and pretend that your Netflix marathon of American Horror Story was pre-booked for then. GO. TV is a beautiful thing and is available 24/7 thanks to the inter-web. This does make the hole of procrastination horribly simple to fall into but we are in control of our minds and our bodies and we need to take responsibility for our fitness levels. Let's push back Netflix until we're all cosy in our pyjamas and then we can really cherish it. Fitness comes first. (Once you've mastered key yoga sequences, you can watch things at the same time. Great, eh? In-between gym sessions of course).

This GIF represents you after your next exercise sesh.
I hope you're already there. WORKIN' IT. My membership at my uni one starts on Wednesday - I'll keep you posted.

Rhiannon x

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07 January 2015

He has got facial hair DOWN

Today I haven't worn any makeup and have written up to the conclusion part of my essay. Despite the essay progress happening within the last hour (11pm-midnight) and the rest of my time spent staring at my work, running away from it to watch Scrubs, eat Quavers, check for mail and play the ukulele, I'd say I've had a pretty successful day. Haven't been outside, mind you.

I'm reading a great book at the moment called City of Thieves by David Benioff. This one here:

What I've noticed about the author is that, not only does he write well, he has got facial hair DOWN. He has perfected even the NOTION.

More importantly, *ahem*, is the extraordinary detail in his writing and the strange way he has persuaded me to like Kolya, one of the main characters. The daredevil one, of course. I always feel a bit weird when I like book characters...I know I'm not alone being character-liking in the book universe - it's similar with film characters I guess (COUGH-LOKI-COUGH) although with films you have people to look at with your eyeholes so that adds another element. A visual elemento. It's so cool how minds work 'cos ten people will read one book and each imagine the characters with completely different appearances. MINDS, people, MINDS. ARH.

I promise to stop with the capital letter emphasis since as I'm typing I can see way too much of it already. Maybe we should all create Next-Day Resolutions within our New Year Resolutions to help us actually achieve them - mine today is to stop using capitals. Dear all readers who are still successfully winning at their health and fitness regime on Day 7 of 2015, congratulaaaaaaaaaations and something-aaaaaaaaaaaaations la la la la la la la la la la laaaaaaaaa. If I had a gym near me/owned a car, I'd be right there with ya but sadly I don't and quite honestly I'd rather continue in my Scrubs marathon and occasionally attack the pot of Nutella with a spoon.

So this was a tiny burst of my brain and now I'm going to get on with reading the aforementioned novel. It's set in Russia by the way and just incase you haven't got the message you should give it a bit of a read. Chapter Twenty! You know you've made progress when you get to Chapter Twenty. Unless it's a textbook from uni and then you might just be lost and/or massively deluded.

Rhiannon x

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31 December 2014

New Year's

2014's been a bit rocky/strange for me but I'm here and relieved that I made the decision to go to uni again. I actually have focus, which is great. A great big chocolate-sprinkle-covered THANK YOU to all the people that got me where I am now - and that ranges from teachers who helped me with my (re-)application... to the wonderful people in my village who welcomed me back...to the crazy cool people I met at Glastonbury and Leeds making those festivals even more enjoyable...to the cat next door who would come and greet me on my way out of the house...to the inventors of Custard Creams...and to, obviously, my family and friends. I can't really say anymore because there are no words to describe the difference between how rubbish I felt in January and how much better I feel now. THANK YOU.

And NEW YEAR'S EVE, EY! Resolutions. A lot of people don't even make these in the first place because they know they're going to break them at some point.
I heard on the tellybox the other day that you should always strive for better, and I'm going to take this as a message to encourage feeling better about yourself. That's probably one of the best resolutions you can make for yourself, right? (Selfish ain't normally seen as good but if you're not selfish for you, who else is going to be? By that, I mean go and pour yourself a bath. Make it scented.)

HERE is my New Year's Resolution-inspiration. I am going to aim to do all of these. I think. Because I might as well try. And for all you lovelies who might have had a decrease in how well this year went for you, I'm not going to be one of those magical fairy horoscope-y internet writers who says "STARTING TOMORROW YOU WILL DISCOVER A HIDDEN TRUTH AND YOUR LIFE WILL MIRACULOUSLY TRANSFORM AT THE SWISH OF A TREE BRANCH" but you can make small positive changes. Change is a scary word. But if you take time out for yourself to sit back and think - no distractions of technology or tasks - and let your brain go through thoughts in a natural stream of thoughtliness you might find yourself a bit more relaxed.

Sometimes it's hard to know what we're thinking and this sounds crazy but I myself have this problem all the time. Someone asks me a question and I come up with an answer fairly quickly, but when I mull it over when I get home/climb into bed/prepare myself for a good night's sleep and actively try to avoid Netflix disturbance, I often realise that had I had the time I would have said something rather different, because I feel differently. I always hear "think before you speak" but if we all allowed ourselves the necessary amount of time to think, a lot of things would never get done. People on the Apprentice this year wouldn't have made (hilariously) stupid decisions...but then again we wouldn't have laughed so much.

I think everything turns out the way it's supposed to. You might not, and in a way things do just happen and they could have happened differently... but they only happen once at one time. So you have to make the most of what you have now and realise what you can and can't change. And make yourself happy. That's how I get through life and so I'm going to continue thinking like that.

Rhiannon x

15 December 2014

Dix Jours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For all you English readers, that translates as "TEN DAYS! (LOTS MORE EXCLAMATION MARKS)!"

Please say you know what I'm saying it's ten days until. I think it's been creeping around your local supermarket since mid-October. Associated with cold, and yet also warmth of fires and overheating sparkly lights. Yes that's right - incase you're one of the lucky ones who has hidden under a hugely comfortable rock for the past few months, it's Christmas in ten days. Well HO-HO MERRY CHEER AND BEER TO ALL (please drink responsibly, & you under 18s are treated to Shloer & J2Os this time of year, both of which are flipping delicious and expensive so think yourselves lucky)

you, too, could become..this
I'm back for the holidays now and I'd like to say that the weather is better but I think we can all agree that England is on the way to becoming a massive icicle. Not realistically (global warming etc) but it's trying its best. Like all the camels in the nativities this year who had secretly striven for the role of Joseph or Mary. (Information to the camels: your roles are much cooler and original. Work it. Mix it up with a scarf. But...they're a desert animal...what camels wear scarves? Answer: YOUR CAMEL.)

For all those resting from lives with jobs/school/busy schedules/haunting daunting assignments, we (as a global Christmas collective pronoun) invite you to chill. Chill out your burnt-out over-worked minds and bodies with a warm fire/radiator/hot-water-bottle/mug-of-something/blanket. Think about absolutely nothing, even if that's just for an hour or two. Watch abominably crappy festive television and accept that it's Christmas so nobody is going to judge you - after all, it's on so someone might as well look at it. Go ambling in the busy frantic streets (wait for it) of your village/town/city and remember that YOU, Madam/Sir, are as cool as a cucumber wearing antlers; relax in the knowledge of your state of 'chill'.

Ciao for now,

Rhiannon x

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02 December 2014

gimme a D gimme a U gimme a N C E


I really didn't think uni work would be this hard.

That is pretty much all I have to say right now. Sad face.


I hope I'm not alone in saying this but, well, I used to feel pretty smart. Now I feel like a bag of potatoes with a Dunce hat on. Like a MASSIVE Dunce hat. With the letter 'D' drawn so well into the hat that the ink has become part of its hat skin. The ink particles have invaded the realms of the hat skin particles and been like "Hey hat skin particles, can we hang" and the hat skin particles have been like "Sure thang" and then they've all done a little community dance and have now become one another within the Dunce hat.


Is it bad that I feel more intelligent after writing that. Even though it makes no sense whatsoever and none of it is real.


I am staring at my potential essay titles for January and trying to decide which one would most make me come across as not-dumb.


Just reading the potential essay titles makes me feel like a whole Dunce truck of potatoes. Fearing endless Dunce object/metaphor cycle.