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The Power of Screen-Free Time

As many of us are, I am currently working plenty of hours. Or, should I say, plenty more than I used to when I was studying at university.

While I enjoy my job, the aspect I'm not so keen on is spending prolonged amounts of time in front of a computer during my working day. It's made me develop a genuine desire to stay away from screens outside of work, yet of course this isn't always as easy as it sounds. Phones seem to be glued to us these days. I can't help but notice that when I'm on a bus, in a cafe, or even at a party the majority of people I see are sitting there staring at devices in their hands, mindlessly scrolling and often not speaking to anyone at all, even online.

Feeling panicked without a phone sounds ridiculous, but it's a common feeling and it happened to me just a few days ago when I left mine on a bus on the way to a night out. CLASSIC. Despite getting it back within 10 hours (my eternal thanks and loving to whoever found it and handed it i…

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