25 August 2016

43 Thoughts I Had Watching GBBO - Series 7 Episode 1

  1. “Spatularisations”. I have missed Mel & Sue more than I thought.
  2. Someone’s already wanting Mary as her nan. As far as I'm aware we are baking cakes here not adopting. Unless this is a weird spin-off...
  3. Moist is Mel's favourite word. It's a very common least favourite word, it is phonetically disgusting WHY MEL WHY
  4. It’s cake week! First up: drizzle cake.
  5. Val is amazing. She’s gone for quite a simple orange and lemon flavour combination but she dances in her kitchen so I’m sold.
  6. Rav sounds like my spirit baker. He's already injured himself 30 seconds in.
  7. Michael meanwhile is making a giant treacle gloop in a pan. My winner right there.
  8. Okay so Kate already reminds me of a previous Bake Off winner. Good sign maybe? I can’t think who though…
  9. Sue saying “the wrong temperature…the wrong baking time” while we watch people put their cakes in the oven is so unnerving.
  10. “1 hour to make your driz the shiz." And Solasi forgot his cinnamon! Ahhhhh
  12. Some guy is making a Marmite curd...not from Marmite, just one that Mary and Paul-Blue-Eyes will either love or hate. Risky.
  13. Val is now listening to her cakes. Apparently they're saying, "not ready, not ready". She is gold.
  14. Andrew the aerospace engineer is using lemon and rosemary. Yummy.
  15. Val has just reversed into her tray of flower decorations and now they're on the floor - 5 second rule! SAVE THEM VAL.
  16. Und now, the resultos. Benjamina made pistachio and lemon cake and it's fully baked! A good start.
  17. The chap from Bolton got bad texture, Michael and Kate missed out key elements of their cake and Vampire Weekend lookalike man with the Marmite curd has shocked Paul into making a weird face.
  18. A gluten-free creation from the resident goth-lipstick lady. She seemed to ace it.
  19. Oh no... Rav's failed at his spices, aerospaceman doesn't have enough lemon, Welsh Louise needed more orange, Val had no drizzle. So much disappointment in the air.
  20. Solasi now. He's saved the day and kicked baking butt well and truly.
  21. Bridget Jones' mum used poppy seeds (100 brownie points from me) and did well.
  22. Now the technical: 12 Jaffa Cakes! So for this, everyone has the same ingredients and a list of instructions.
  23. I have never closed my eyes while eating a Jaffa Cake. Obviously I'm missing out on euphoria by not making my own.
  24. Ahahahaa Mary just got her sass out. "We don't do that in the South you know," she fully sassed as Paul dunked his Jaffa C in his tea. That's what digestives are for, Paul.
  25. This challenge looks really difficult to perfect. Actually, I think it's just an illusion. Some people have evidently never seen the shape of a Jaffa Cake before.
  26. Val's instincts have saved her - she managed to figure out which way to turn the cakes before chocolate-ing.
  27. And a quick summary of the results: Solasi's Jaffas have got the best review from Mary and Paul, with Aerospace Andrew in bottom place (he made them upside down).
  28. The first showstopper now: a genoise sponge with a mirror glaze. In other words, what the heck.
  29. Welsh Louise is taking her buttercream to the outside even though that's where the shiny glaze is meant to be...hmm.
  30. Goth-lipstick lady is called Candice. She's having to bin her first sponge so Paul has authorised her throwing of it at the window. That is satisfaction right there.
  31. A lot of people are restarting actually. Can't remember if Benjamina did but she seemed to know her genoise.
  32. Bolton Chap trying to ask Paul for hints...cheeky behaviour right there.
  33. What is ganache. Not what Bolton Chap has made that's for sure. Obviously didn't pick up on Paul's sly comment about needing cream.
  34. Candice's jelly isn't setting. Maybe something to do with the OJ she added in rebelling against Mary's almighty recipe.
  35. It's Episode 1. And the tears are already flowing from Benjamina. The stress level is high, in fact I'm pretty sure Kate compared her nerves to giving birth earlier, jeez.
  36. Solasi is making the prettiest reddy-pink cake I've ever seen. And time's up!
  37. Bridget Jones' mum did really well. Bless her she looked so nervous. Vampire Weekend guy not as good.
  38. Kate's glaze is BLUE. I APPROVE. Mary, sadly, does not.
  39. Val got a great shine and Bolton Chap's cake was too dry. Ouch.
  40. Benjamina kicked butt with her praline flavours while Candice has put her cake on a mirror. I think she was trying to be edgy. Like with her lipstick.
    I can't talk but I just wanted an excuse to use this gif
  41. Aerospace man...Andrew (I will learn names eventually). He did really well and surprised Paul after his upside-down Jaffas earlier.
  42. And now the Star Baker announcement.....it's....Bridget Jones' mum!!!!! A.k.a. Jane. Yaaaay. I think Solasi deserved it too though, am hoping he gets it in future weeks to come.
  43. Bolton Chap, Lee, was the first baker to go home. Lee, you have a great accent but no one likes a dry cake. No one. Except birds.

Find out more about the remaining bakers here!
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24 August 2016

DIY: Notebook Cover


This is my first blog post in a reaaal long while and that's not because I haven't had the time to come up with anything. It's just that I...never came up with anything. The longer I waited for an idea, the more amazing I felt it had to be and so I left it and left it until I semi-abandoned this little writing-haven of mine. Which is very much not cool and I intend to redeem myself.

What better way to do that than with a DIY post (making what you see below)...

...shortly followed by a series on the Great British Bake Off which starts TONIGHT!

aah excited Seinfeld gif
(check back soon for that deliciousness)
A couple of weeks ago I decided to start brain-storming stuff for my dissertation as I'm soon to enter the excitingly daunting land of Third Year. Normally, for exams and the like, I brainstorm on humongous sheets of paper with my 1 billion coloured pens but a voice suddenly echoed through my brain like I was one of the many troubled characters in Stranger Things. "RESEARCH JOURNAL.......GET A RESEARCH JOURNAL......ALSO BUY MORE ICED TEA BECAUSE YOU REALLY LIKE THAT STUFF," the voice said.

So the next day I walked into a big shop called Monsieur John Lewis and had a choice between a lot of fancy notebooks with stripes and stars and sarcastic phrases on. The sarcastic phrases I liked the most but it turns out that having "I'm a notebook, bite me" on the front makes one of these things double in price. It was then that I decided to design my own cover and buy a cheaper, plain ring-binded kiddo.

1. Buy/find a plain notebook with a cardboard cover.

my NB, featuring my weirdly flexible thumb
Cardboard covers work much better than plastic for this; plastic is generally much harder to stick things to/draw on/paint.

2. Gather all materials/equipment needed and lay it out in an arty fashion.

Okay that last part is unnecessary but it does make for a good blog photo. As I wanted to doodle my diss thoughts into this journal as soon as possible, I chose to avoid painting and stick to good old collage and Sharpies. I prepared the following materials:
  • Notebook (erm)
  • Range of Sharpies (other coloured markers or felt pens will do)
  • Pencil
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Magazine cuttings of cool textures and colours that I like
  • Spare magazine (just in case)
  • Groovy inspirational photo of a bunny and some fake mushrooms (optional)

3. Suss out your colour scheme(s).

Rainbows are great - everyone knows this fact (I definitely did not just get stuck in an Double Rainbow meme spiral on Google Images). Yet a colour scheme can make things feel a little bit more sophisticated.

As predicted, I couldn't resist one colour and instead went for five (I did later skip the blue however). If you don't have coloured pens to go with all of your chosen colours, using a black, silver or gold marker is always a good shout.


And what I mean by that is cut out the shapes your heart most desires from the super interesting bits of magazine you've found.
I chose triangles because I'm Illuminati confirmed, now you know. I also just like geometric designs.

To get the perfect shapely shapes, grab your pencil and draw them on the BACK (the side you don't want facing up on your notebook) so you don't have any pesky pencil lines showing when you glue everything down. Then, grab your scissors and cut out your shapes. As you might have a lot to do depending on the size of your notebook, I recommend listening to a banging playlist such as this one.


5. Get gluing.

The good thing about triangles is that they tessellate - if you're using shapes that don't (e.g. cute lil' circles) then I'm sorry you are the weakest link goodbye you might want to overlap them, in which case you'll get a cool textured effect. I tried my best to leave an equal gap between the triangles so I wouldn't have to fit them next to each other perfectly. It also looks groovy, which is a bonus.

Janelle Monae taking pride of place
Of course there's no law of notebook design which says that the same pattern has to cover the entire thing (there's none full stop, just to clarify). If you do want to sneak in some bigger versions of your shapes or indeed a picture of one of your musical/life heroes then go ahead and do iiiiiiiiit. After all, you're going to be the one using this notebook and if it's for studying, you'll need it to look inviting so you want to stop procrastinating that little bit more.

6. Add more detail with coloured pens.

And ta-da!

To finish off my notebook cover, I did two things. Firstly, I used my beloved Sharpies to add details to the left and right edges of my design in colours that matched each shape I was doodling next to. Secondly and finally, the apt heading of 'Research Journal' was bubble-written into the remaining space by yours truly. For a study notebook, it's always a good idea to have some reminder of what you're meant to be using it for on the front for that extra, motivational boost.


And there ya have it! If you have a couple of hours to spare, it's definitely worth saving some dosh and enjoying spending some time on creating something you're sure to use and be proud of.

what Eric's mom said

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13 April 2016

Why are cats sitting up so cool to look at

I don't even know why.

Has someone done the science behind this or what because I really need to know why I can't stop finding this amusing.

I've now opened my eyes to blogs full of this stuff.

This feline knows.

OK this one has done too much sitting
This is making me feel like cats are just furry small pointy-eared humans who are waiting until the right time to reveal that they can also talk and do other things like basic maths and jigsaws and the last level on Simpsons' Hit and Run.

Okay I'm going to revise now.

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12 April 2016

Easter Holiday Blog #2

Okay! Sooooooooo...

Long story short - I've just come back from a blogging cafe event here in the grey and rainy, yet still adorable, petit old town of Lancaster and met some great fellow writers. I originally had plans but then I decided to shift them and be bold and go and hang out with people I'd never met before. I never seem to remember this but, in 99% of cases, this pays off. Like the time I started as a Manchester Uni fresher and hadn't made any friends in my halls on the first night so I walked to a Fallowfield social on my own and ended up talking for hours with a group of hilarious Norwegian cigarette-enthusiasts, all with excellent taste in jumpers. Rather like the one belonging to ol' Phil here:

let's ignore the whole half-menacing expression and focus on the knitwear
Honestly, I swear some of the strangest and coolest moments come from being in situations where you have to talk to new people.
So, yeah! This is why I've been inspired to blog today. Also, writing is therapeutic 

and I need some time away from:
  1. Revising theories by super brainy people who use equally-as-super long words
  2. Netflix (already taken action by deleting it, although apparently I can still access it until the end of April - thanks Netflix, surely the main reason people delete you is to actually get stuff done?! Instead of watching the entire series of LOVE in 48 hours (guilty, and yes I do very much recommend it, 10/10, 5 stars, top banana)
  3. Eating cereal (the addiction is real, currently making way through over-sized box of Weetos)
  4. Worrying about career stuff (when is this never mildly terrifying)
Relevant to no.4 above, I took a few leaps today and sent out a surge of emails requesting work experience and this paid off too! Well, so far anyway - I need to send some example work and carve my CV into something spectacularly mindblowing (but within 2 pages, of course) in order to seriously get anywhere. But it's a start.

And if you're reading this and umm-ing and arrrh-ing about jumping into an opportunity, taking a leap or sending that email - (as the almighty Nike, would say) JUST DO IT. The worst that can happen is, well, nothing, and that's technically the same amount of progress you have before you do it. Just there's the possibility that something totally rad will happen as a result of your efforts (and who wouldn't want that).

Have a great week chums and stay awesome,

Rhi(angle) xxxx

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30 March 2016

Easter Holiday Blog #1

Bonjour! It is I, the non-consistent blogger from Yorkshire with a half blue-green-and-yellow fringe! (that probably narrows it down to me)

If you're reading this within a week of me posting this I am very impressed and grateful (thank you lovely human) as the main way I share this blog is through Facebook which I've removed myself from for the time being. Mainly since it's the Easter hols right now, which means that a) I should be doing work and b) a lot of people I know are under quite a bit of pressure right now, whether that's with just exams/coursework or a dissertation as well. To you, I say good luck and I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT.

On another note, I went into a (fairly) local charity shop today and found this absolute beauty for less than five British pounds.

I know right?!?!
Being made of satin, the material is amazing to both handle and look at and if I do say so myself it looked mighty fine with black jeans and boots. Finding stuff like this in charity shops makes trawling through all the not-so-good stuff worth it. I also bought a really cute black top with a Japanese blossom tree on it because cuteness simply cannot be left behind.

Another thing I found today was the website for this event (thanks to the great Greg James' Snapchat).
Frankly, it sounds like a fab idea which would motivate me personally to run 5k, maybe even 10k. That's because it's for CoppaFeel and because you get to listen to a live DJ set by Mr Greg himself (+ guests) the whole way round. A RUNNING PARTY. Sadly, it's in Kent and in my main exam week but if that wasn't the case I would definitely be there!

So yes - this was only a short visit but I'll be with you again soon. Keep being awesome! (well it's not hard for you is it)

Love Rhi xxxx

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26 January 2016

My Lecture Smacked Me In The Face

I had a real smack-in-the-face moment today.

Over here in at uni in t'North West, I study a module on language in the media and the title of this afternoon's lecture was 'Blogs'.
Towards the end, my lecturer read out the following 'prototypical quality of blogs':

"Many become inactive owing to the pressure of constant maintenance"

Aaaaaaaaaaand consequently for the last ten minutes of the presentation I couldn't think about anything else other than logging back into Blogger and getting back on the horse. THE BLOGGING HORSE.

I imagine it's rather like this
Yes, I have stuff to do and write and read and file and highlight and sign and tie pom-poms to but doesn't everybody?!?!?!? (okay maybe not the last one, you're excused) (but seriously they do improve everything)
I need to blog to make sure all the cool/weird/wonderful things I'm thinking up in my braingarden go somewhere where I can find them again in times of need. I can't be the only one who got/got bought a diary and wrote incessantly in it for three days and then forgot about it and ended up buying a brand new one because it had a nice sheen to it and a pagefinder thingy and occasional inspirational quotes and then lost that one and the cycle continued on until this very day.
One thing I have kept up is my little jar of good things which I've been keeping since mid-December. Every night (or most often, absurdly early morning) I climb into bed and write down something good that happened that day. When the page (very ironically, OF MY DIARY) gets full, I cut up my papery good things and pop them into the jar. I recall seeing this on the interwebs somewhere and I thought it would be a really nice idea. Might need a bigger jar though if I'm going to keep this up for an entire year! What I like about this challenge as opposed to writing a diary is that it barely takes up any time and simultaneously makes me appreciate my life more. Also because it's a GOOD things jar full of tiny squares of paper, I can't dwell on any negativity or write pages and pages of worries and nonsense (I used to do this in my diary and got so caught up on things I felt très poopoo).

So oui oui, mes amis, I have returned and this time I shall remain vigilant in my quest to blog my way to the top of the blogging mountain upon which there is a pool of a silver oat-based smoothie which they say contains a smidgen of the secret fruit of longevity.

I have had a lot of coffee.

p.s. sorry for the clickbait title, it had to be done just this once

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15 December 2015

Questions I Have For This Week

Every month, every week, every day of my life I have questions. Questions that are maybe not important to everybody but are to me. This week's questions have already started emerging and I want to know the answers:

  • How is it that it takes me one hour to dust and hoover the entire house yet two hours for me to write a mere 400 words? 
  • Who invented the word 'procrastination'? (research could be a worthy form of the word itself)
  • Where did the snake go in last week's episode of Peep Show? (this question was born immediately after I watched it and still stands)
  • What are all the alive turkeys thinking at Christmas time?
  • Will I ever be as cool as Tavi Gevinson? Or Iris Apfel?
    those shoes though. oh, and EVERYTHING ELSE
  • Will there ever be a time when the price of a ladies' haircut costs less than 27 things from Poundland?
  • Am I 10% Brie yet?
  • Does Will Ferrell actually like the colour burgundy?
  • Who came up with Marmite rice cakes? Can I marry them?
  • What colour am I going to dye my hair for Christmas? (ok this very much relies on just me)
Questions, people. QUESTIONS. I wrote that last sentence in French but you can't tell because it's spelled the same. And I missed out 'les'.


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