31 August 2014


Heeeeeeeeeeeeey! Haven't posted in a while as I've been busy getting ready for uni and volunteering at Leeds Fest and doing other things I can't remember excuses for BUT I'M HERE NOW. Which is the main thing.

SO what's new....erm..

  • I have taken up running.
Yep. That is not a typo. I did not mean sunning, or punning, or funning, or another word - I have started to go running by choice without any bribery or incentive other than to do exercise and get fit. I'm using this clever little app called Couch To 5K (made by the NHS) and you can find out more about it here. I know, I didn't expect it either.

  • I earned my Leeds Oxfam Badge!!!
Small and orange and it says "Leeds - it's nicer up North!" Which is completely true of course.

Leeds Festival was grubby and full of plenty a moron (as usual) but we survived our shifts and the cold air that came with them on the later ones. It was my first time setting up my own tent (I'd never owned one before) and I can't have done a terrible job as the torrential rain didn't leak onto any of my belongings so all's cool.
As for the acts, I managed to catch Darlia, Blood Red Shoes, Crossfaith (who I don't really care for but for some reason stood in the pouring rain through their entire set), the magnificent Bill Bailey and his honking horns and guitar funnies

...SBTRKT, Mallory Knox, Bombay Bicycle Club, Chvrches, a wee bit of Disclosure & Young Guns & Royal Blood, Vampire Weekend, Jungle, Gerard Way (who didn't play a single MCR song - good for him...but bad for those who wanted to sing along), Kate Tempest, and the Arctic Monkeys (who were absolutely stunning).

Weirdness occurred, rather a lot:
One night, we were approached by a strange and possibly inebriated floppy-haired guy with an ice cream, who proceeded to push it into everyone's mouths (apart from mine because I was laughing so much I had to turn around).
what the hell is this gif, I'm actually terrified

During Vampire Weekend's set, a man behind us with a camouflage hat began smacking all the rubbish on the floor nearby with a broken plastic hoover.

While we innocently looked for t-shirts on the second to last night, a man from a stall freaked us out with a dance and then asked me and Rachel if we'd like to go to Nepal. We then found out he was indeed from Nepal, and that he didn't care if we were poor students - we were to go there next year without question. We said "...Maybe" and then made up that we had somewhere important to be - probably wise.

me too, Robert, me too.
  • We found a crushed Barbie...horse
I don't know about you but a massive feeling of shivering and disgust overcomes me whenever I see a toy doll. Much to my delight we came across this on the floor in a car park. It may look like a Barbie, with the skin colour and hair and everything, but then there's the hooves. Which can only mean that this is some sort of Barbie mammal. A horse seemed most likely. And also it's pretty damn haunting to look at:

  • I was optimistic and went for a dress in a smaller size
I think a lot of people are guilty of this at some point. Playing it safe, playing it safe, OH MY, I COULD DEFINITELY FIT INTO THAT, YES, WHO CARES ABOUT NUMBERS - actually what they mean when they say that is it doesn't matter what size you are, so don't pretend to be anything different.  Turns out I couldn't afford it anyway so I walked out the shop nonetheless. Window shopping at its finest.

  • I made some (semi) delicious purchases
Not only did these include Pot Noodles for festival needs but I also invested in this

for a special someone and this

for me to quench my thirst without having to go any further than an Asian supermarket we came across in Leeds. Above is a can of Peach Juice Drink from Taiwan which, I pleasantly discovered later on, contains Nata de Coco (Coconut Jelly). Not gonna lie - when I sensed the jelly I definitely thought there was an amphibious creature chilling in my drink. This is what it looked like when I got home and poured the rest into a glass:

Maybe people from Asia like jelly in their drinks but not me. Goodbye Jelly Drink.

Now please excuse me while I get back to watching Forrest Gump (not seen it before, don't hate).

Rhiannon x

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11 August 2014

Rhiangle ON TOUR - Day 12

Day 12 - 11/8/14

I am very annoyed at technology right now. Spent £4 on wifi so I could blog and wrote a whole fantastic post and the wifi is the worst wifi in the world of wifis. I lost all of it.... Mehh. On the bright side I had a lovely lovely time in Nottingham with Sam. We bossed (aka
 lost) the pub quiz again and saw some comedy on Saturday night. At some point in between then and yesterday night I lost my sunglasses so that's my mission today in London - to buy some sunnies - along with seeing my friend Jocelyn and heading off to stay at my auntie's for a few days on the last leg of my journey. Weather is a bit unpredictable at the moment as Hurricane Bertha is on a rampage from the US and our Oxfamily are still at Boardmasters so I hope they're all ok and safe. Music has been cancelled there and Snoop Dogg just buggered off as he obviously has better things to do than wait for storms to pass. Like smoke strange things and wear gold chains.

I will put some pictures on later I promise, when I have computer access. I get a new phone at Christmas - my contract runs out at Christmas and this one started off ok but it's quite annoying now. It can't do simple things -like blog, and spell. And scroll. My friend is in Dubrovnik, Croatia, at the moment and I am very jelly as it's basically the set of Game of Thrones. I've seen photographs of the place and it looks stunning.

08 August 2014

Rhiangle ON TOUR - Day 8 & 9

Day 8 & 9 - 7/8/14 & 8/8/14

Yesterday we were still dog-sitting and decided to tidy the house up a bit before the owners came back. Most of the day was spent outside on the garden with Fudge and lots of water. I made the mistake of not wearing suncream so today I have woken up with sunburn on my shoulders and am trying to make it chill with Sudocrem...hopefully it will morph into a nice tan ★

Hannah arrived from Monmouth yesterday, mid-afternoon, and it is absolutely fab to see her as the last time I did, I was visiting in Manchester which I'm sure was a while ago. She told us all about her trip to Malaysia/Borneo over our super healthy takeaways in the park (fish&chips for H, bento box for M and yaki soba for me, yuuummm). It looks amaaazing and makes me want to travel outside Europe a lot, although it seems like you need to be much more careful over there.
We came back home and chilled in the van, and I got a good night's sleep inside which is needed as today I'm getting on a 5 hour coach to London. iPod and phone charged, book ready, food ready, READY. Hopefully when we change buses I can grab a drink as I doubt one Oasis will get me through the whole journey. I'll upload some pictures from yesterday! Soon!


On the coach en route à Londres. Put on my seatbelt like a good girl. I have WIFI and PLUG SOCKETS and CHOCOLATE could this be any more amazing (probably). Coach heaven.
May go grab some cheap shoes in London as these ones are decorated with curry sauce but the words 'cheap' and 'London' don't seem to work together very well.


4.5 hours to go....I will need music at some point. I'm keeping my iPod battery for the train later as I stupidly left my lightning connector in my suitcase
Pretty cloudy today - it's been so hot the past few days I was alarmed when the aircon started. WHAT IS COLD AIR I DO NOT KNOW OF THIS
on coach with some Vespa earrings from Mumbles.

"so rhiannon how would you describe your night"
i will miss being in Swansea a lottttt. More the people than the place I have to say but to be honest it was convenient. Everything is when you come from somewhere which gives you a dodgy unreliable bus service every two hours.
Fudge and her leaves

06 August 2014

Rhiangle ON TOUR - Day 6 & 7

Day 6 & 7 - 5/8/14 & 6/8/14

I'm writing this on the sixth (whatcha gon' doooo). Yesterday was a lovely chilled day -it was hot and we went shopping in Mumbles, visiting a few cute independent shops after having some great food in Chai Délicatessen.
I got a few cards and some cool patterned card letters for my uni room which spell out my name, just 'cause. I also bought some gorgeous jewelled magenta earrings and some Vespa earrings too (VESSSSPA). Mais made me get some Joe's ice cream which Wales is famous for apparently...it was very milky but seriously good!
We returned home to drop off our things and set off to dog-sit one of the cutest dogs ever on the whole world....who didn't want to walk when we went on a walk. Ha.
But the family we're helping out made us a yummy yummy meal with salmon and potatoes and an amaazing chocolate cake. Nom. We watched Shrek 3, then went to bed.

TODAAAAAY we woke up, greeted Fudge the dog and invited her on a trip to Mumbles on the bus which she surprisingly was delighted to do. She kept on lying down in random places due to heat/pure laziness but people were v understanding. We got pizza at the end of the pier, gave Fudge water and then returned home after a visit to Boots. Yeaah.
We are now chilling (it's 3pm) watching Jeremy Kyle like classy gurlz. Fudge is sunbathing on the deck. Tonight we'll have a chilled one. If anything amazing happens like a UFO lands in the garden then I'll be sure to update you.


04 August 2014

Rhiangle ON TOUR - Day 5

Doing Day 5 all in one as it is the end of the day so putting it in little time frames would be a LIE! Lies are bad people. Had a really nice day today shopping - I bought two skirts in Topshop sale - one of which makes me look like even more like Lorde. HAHAHA LORDE I SHALL TAKE OVER YOUR QUEEN B REIGN


Anyhoooo, I got a few other bits and bobs and we went into Mais' old workplace and I met some of her old worky people which was nice and they made me a fab hazelnut latté. We visited Attica which was a bit like Give The Dog A Bone in York except with more dresses with cool stuff on like birds and crochet collars. It's 5:21pm at time of writing and we're off to meet MORE of Mais' friends who I've already met who are fab and I think we're meeting at a pub and that should be cooool.
Tomorrow is Mumbles possibly and then we're dog-sitting a real cutie dog for two nights. Thuuuursday is the theatre I think h'oh yeah.

Marilyn Booth

Rhiangle ON TOUR - Day 4

Day 4 - 3/8/14

^ That time is correct. And yes I am alive.

*in Donkey from Shrek's voice* On the rooad again. Navigation of English roads seems like a bit of a faff. The M6 is being a pain in the butt to find. C'mon M6 don't be like this we used to be on such good terms WHERE DID IT ALL GO WRONG

In conclusion I am not in my right mind between the hours of 6 and 8 in the morning.

I arrived safely and managed to catch a bus to a lovely place called Mumbles. Ordered one scoop of mint choc chip and received two scoops of vanilla. Does my Yorkshire 'mint choc chip' sound like 'vanilla' in Welsh...?! Erm. Kept eating to see if there was mint at the bottom and the vanilla was a gift but...no. NO MINT. Ah well. I think there's two different types of people in the world - those who ask for another of what they actually wanted to order and those who think actually this isn't that bad an option and eat it without saying anything. I'm the latter most definitely-i only got my actual ordered meal the other day as my grandma was there to speak up and tell the waitresses. I would have just eaten the salmon salad with chips just as I ate vanilla today.

Bought some new nail paint from barry m (from the gelly range which is aweeesome by the way-great coverage-i got Prickly Pear which is a lovely lilac colour. I was going to pick Mermaid or Pacific to match with my hair but decided on a slight contrast.) I have 1hr 40mins before Mais finishes work and so I'll probably wander down to the co-op and buy a cold drink as it's pretty darn hot here on the pier in mumbles.I'm not really helping myself by wearing a thick denim jacket but I am on a bench in the shade. Later when I have laptop access I'll upload some pictures since the coast here is gorgeous. Lots of wet sand and brownish moss and a few seagulls but gorgeous nonetheless. have tried to spot mais' work place but haven't succeeded yet.

I remember when I was on the bus earlier I saw a guy on a double scooter that moved when he did a sort of ice skate move with his feet alternately. really weird. good first impression of Swansea people. A slightly worse one was from the bus driver. I've never been to this place before in my life and buses make me a bit nervous - they're not like trains as they don't stop automatically-you have to know when to press the button and when to get off for a successful exit. Anyway the bus driver agreed to tell me when to get off. I saw that we'd passed a Mumbles sign so I thought OK WE'RE HERE NOW I SHOULD EXIT THE BUS MAYBE THE DRIVERS FORGOTTEN understandably as he wasn't saying anything. I then got up off my seat (safely obviously, when he had stopped) and politely asked "for mumbles should I get off here?" He proceeded to say rather horribly "erm NO, i will say when, NOW SIT BACK DOWN". The welsh accent is good for anger I'll give him that. but I wasn't that impressed with his bus driver charm (or lack of). When we arrived at the stop he shouted "MUUMBLES" like some cocky 12 year old who's just won a lot at a charity penalty shoot out.

Back from having fab sushi at Wasabi -I had a chicken teriyaki bento and we shared rainbow maki and vegetable gyoto...gyotz? it was so niiiice. We have bought goodies for campervan fun camping times (thank you cadburys). Tomorrow shall be hot so we shall go into town and I shall wear a dress muahaha take that weather hahahaha. Guten Nacht mes amigos!

02 August 2014

Rhiangle ON TOUR - Day 3

Day 3 - 2/8/14

It's shorts and tights weather today. 5 minutes ago it was skirt weather but the wind speed is not in my favour so I've decided to take a safer option. Day 3 of my 'Travel Blog' (hahaha) and Day 3 of my workout, which I'll be doing just before lunch so I don't have to get on with it later and delay my beauty sleep - we're leaving at 7am SHARP tomorrow says Grandad Rhiangle. Le pressure est...on.

Have just returned from a trip into town. The rain here is that r-e-a-l-l-y wet rain (what other type is there I hear you say?...no seriously there is a difference). Carried a very heavy bag full of tins of something through a frantically busy (fairly empty) car park like Hercules on Lucozade.

Maybe Hercules had his own version of Lucozade, but with a less futuristic name, and it probably didn't look as nice as they're able to make energy drinks look now. I say that - at least Lucozade is in a clear bottle whereas if you peer inside a canned energy drink (naming no names) it does look very much like piss.

Have put myself off Jägerbombs for life.

Oh yes and there was a guy on the high street in a cow onesie wearing a big sign which read "£5 Hair Cuts". If anyone can work out the link between cows and haircuts you deserve a personalised round of applause from me. I will not necessarily come round to your house and applaud you - you'll just have to sense the celebration in the air from afar.


Had a little nap this afternoon which is really really crazy weird as I never nap. Only at night, and I call that sleep. But it was nice and well-needed. As predicted I failed to do my exercise so will get on with that after I've finished a session of Lana on Spotify. The beginning of "Young and Beautiful" still makes the hairs on my arms stand up.....brrrrrrrrrr her voice is amazing. There aren't many songs that do that - maybe this one by Marina & The Diamonds and a few others. I'm sad to say I missed Lana at Glastonbury. I was on my last Oxfam shift of the weekend then, daydreaming of how awesomely daydreamy it would be. Undoubtedly she still has more years to go in her career so hopefully she'll be back in the UK soon enough.
TEAAAA TIIIIME! And then to bed early, Wales tomorrow, wish me luck. May be a lack of images and formatting from tomorrow but you'll just have to grin and bear it. Bear..Bare? Bear? I have no idea, but you know what I mean

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01 August 2014

Rhiangle ON TOUR - Day 2

Day 2 - 1/8/14

Croissant mornings are good mornings. Especially in August, and usually I'd be in France with tropical sunshine and lingering mosquitoes. Instead, I'm still in England and IT'S RAINING. To be honest, I couldn't say I'm surprised at all. Good old English grey clouds and persistent drizzle. At least they're not trying to bite me.

Just having lunch in a lovely little place called Buxton. It's where all that famous premium H2O bottled water-stuff comes from. We've eventually been able to tuck into our smoked salmon (mmm) sandwiches after being brought the wrong order and now I feel really bad as the waitresses are obviously stressed and I just want to magic up a flask of green tea and help them to relax as we really don't mind. BREATHE, Madame Waitress No.1 & 2.

Madame Waitress 2 felt so bad she brought us a free drink re-fill. My mind is slowly being re-filled with memories of starting work in a job like this and getting absolutely everything possible to get wrong wrong. Strong rush of empathy right now.

Do people call Apple Juice AJ? Is OJ the only accepted one? What about PJ and CJ and TJ?!?!

After saying "thank you" and "no it's absolutely fine don't worry" around 36146268.94 times, we have left the café and escaped to the adorable craft shops selling really nice scarves with foxes on and other really cool things like that. I want to buy the whole collection of greetings cards here but unfortunately am not rich, so cannot afford their extortionate prices and will probably re-make all of these designs myself to give to people and pass them off as my own (hahahahaha, take that consumerism!). This one I rather liked, although I wasn't sure when at all it would be appropriate...

Maybe when they're slightly inebriated by Guinness cake.

I christen this "The Steepest Park in England".

These pictures do not do it justice. 

Seriously. If anyone can find me a steeper park, let me know. But under any circumstance whatsoever do not make me go there. Just take a picture. Or tell me with your words. I don't normally like to use the word 'hate' but I will go right ahead if it's in the same sentence as 'hills'.

Headed to the supermarket and I'm now in the queue at the end part, slightly scarred. We went mainly to search for pudding and, after succeeding to find the correct aisle, I noticed this really cool 2-section thing. Raspberry jelly in one side and jelly tots in the other. Yes, I know - genius Waitrose. But THEN a bespectacled woman in a wine-red shirt comes along and takes all of the jelly-jelly-tot delights with one sweep of her massive hungry arm. Like a wolf. I went for a chocolate yoghurt instead which is probably so much better anyway but I was just so shocked at her strong unforgiving desire to have all five desserts in her trolleycopter. "Do not fret Wesley and Gretel, for Mummy will return with plenty of jelly and tots for both of you, now stir the caviar"

I am now chilled on the comfy new chair in the study, which is opposite the room I'm staying in until Sunday morning. It was just revealed for Grandad Rhiangle's birthday present, like in 60 Minute Makeover but without all the equally boring and trippy music.  IKEA did good. I bet it's called Slevlik, or Rejjik or some other suitable Swedish sounding name for a furniture collection.

Zooey (perfect hair-swish) and JGL - the highlight of IKEA's life so far
Tonight I think it'll be Netflix - I'm watching Peep Show, Adventure Time and The Tudors simultaneously and often I can't choose. I'll toss a coin. Oh crap, yeah, I forgot they don't make three-sided coins. Well Peep Show will be heads, Adventure Time tails, and The Tudors if I fail to catch it and it lands on the floor. I'm basically Bear Grylls.

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