18 July 2014


People who know me and know me well will know very well that I do not, under many circumstances, wear heels on a night out.

Exceptions include weddings

and my birthday just passed.

All other events just have to deal with my feet firmly planted on the ground I'm afraid. Poor events. Although if you really think about it, the only person you're wearing them for is yourself (sorry male readers - unless you're that way inclined, you have my permission to sit this one out).

They may make your legs look a little longer

Or your heels a little more like tiny daggers

Or your body a little more co-ordinated

But if they're making you do this:


Or most importantly this:

..you might want to re-consider your partay footwear. Because flats rule. Why? Okay here's why.

  1. I do not spend any time worrying about how my feet look. I need my brain to focus on other things, like what cocktail to buy/bar to visit/song to request even though I'm not allowed on the DJ booth next. 
  2. Unnecessary pain = no gain. Zero gain. Nada gain (don't).
  3. I can master cobbles. They are annoying when sober, so heels will just make things much worse.
  4. I don't fall down drains because I don't have heel-ends the size of stamps.
  5. I can laugh at all the people walking in bare feet due to their poor decision-making (and then feel anxious for them as I notice all the broken Bud bottles everywhere).

My height isn't exactly on the small side - a lot of friends say "oh but you don't need them anyway, you're tall!" but I think I'd do exactly the same if I was fairly small. I'd actually appreciate being able to hide from people in crowds once in a while.

Another thing people say is that 'flats' are boring but that is where matter defeats mind because PREPARE FOR A DISPLAY OF AMAZING SHOES WITH BARELY ANY INCLINE AT ALL:
Clockwise from top left: 1. Maisy Carvela Kurt Geiger 2. You Won - Irregular Choice 3. Black Leather Dr. Martens 4. Mark My Words - Irregular Choice
Kurt Geiger is obviously expensive in some areas but you can get good deals in sales.
As for Dr Martens, they are INVINCIBLE!!!! Expensive maybe, but in terms of value for money, I don't think there's a better shoe available. Buy them in leather, patent plastic, canvas or even velvet (YES VELVET YOU HEARD).

Irregular Choice is one of my favourite shoe design companies. I don't actually own anything they've produced (as so far I've not thought it necessary to spend so much money on shoes that aren't Docs) but just look at them, I mean, hebelehfkajnfajgb
The colours and patterns they use - it's like they're explosions of their designer-y minds and I love iiiiiiiit

so much so that BOOM! HERE'S SOME MORE FABULOUS THINGS TO BEDAZZLE YOUR FEET IN! ALL from Irregular Choice (which is readily available for your purses and wallets and tootsies at your nearest Schuh. If you're in London take a stroll down Carnaby Street and check out I.C's own store there (and remember to breathe)).

Clockwise from top left: 1. Red Rover  2. Eye I  3. Why Not 4. Banana Pie  5. Star Dust  6. Treasures
I mean, who doesn't want lightning bolts, eyes, stars and plastic bees sur leurs pieds
This cute little underlined bit you're reading now takes you to the Schuh Star Wars section, which needs no explaining and shouldn't need any persuading at all to click. If you haven't done it by the time you read this sentence then I'm disappointed.

Get 'cho flats on.

Rhiannon x

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09 July 2014

How to Cut Your Spending (Like a Bad-Ass)

Money is not important...in the big scheme of things.
In a perfect world, everyone would respect each other and do everything they want to do in life with massive smiles and chewits everywhere 
and some do, but these days almost everything seems to cost money. AGGHH. 

A lot of my friends miss out on social occasions because they "have to work" or are "poor" or "skint". Of course, they're not really, compared to others - they have food and roofs over their heads. It's just that they feel like it. So whether we have a lot, enough, or barely any money, a lot of us like to save it (or try to).
Below I've compiled a list of awesomely fabulous tips to spend less and have more for exciting times, like a trip to the beach, or a holiday, or just LOTS AND LOTS OF DORITOS. (and I am not currently browsing the Topshop Sale like a hawk)
me. right now.

  • Don't be scared of second-hand clothes. Oldie garments can actually be really weird (good weird) and good value. There are sneaky shops out there selling vintage for abominable prices - watch out for those - but in charity stores, for example, there are some serious steals. Yeah, okay, they might have a weird musty smell, but there is this thing that a lot of people do now called Washing Your Clothes which gets rid of it right away! Huzzah! All the clothes below are things I bought second-hand (find where I got them in the caption)

  • Cute patches and sequins came with!
    From Manchester's Vintage Kilo Sale!
    (£10 a kilo!)
     Some of my stuff.
    £7. That is all. Red Herring dress.
    From Vinted (a mobile app).
    Really sturdy denim jacket, Next.
    Charity shop, £5, YAY BIG WOOP

    My trusty flannel shirt.
    £20,  vintage store nr. St. Albans.
    Leeds Festival. Because I was cold

    (sorry about the floor mess)


The benefit of cheap oldie shopping is that you can afford to buy weird sale items that you don't really need but truly desire within the deep deep depths of your heart. Like this bejewelled collar shirt (£7, Rare at Topshop) which goes rather fabulously with my America shirt.  TA-DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Try 'Freecycle' if you need, well, anything. Just enter your region and YOU'RE AWAY! I've just gone on now and someone is giving away a single bed. For free. FOR FREE DO YOU HEAR ME. You could literally kit out a house with this thing, and all from collecting items from people in your local area.
  • Ask yourself "DO I REALLY REALLY 100% NEED THIS?!" Most of the time, no. If you really really want something, that's different. You have the spare cash, want to treat yourself? Fine! GO WIIILD! But if you're in a slightly less lucky situation, maybe sit down on a nearby bench/rock/floor and mull it over, like in almost every single film in the history of films. Allow yourself to walk away more often.
  • Put a little bit of cash away regularly. Even just 20ps. Before you know it, you'll have a fair bit saved. I know it seems a bit ironic spending money on a coin saver, but it'll be worth it. This one from Amazon is super cheap and you can only open it with a tin opener after you've saved all that dolla'.
  • Vouchers, people! There are thousands of the things everywhere. Newspapers (often really good deals on theme park tickets in there), magazines, online, etc. VoucherCloud is a really good app which allows you to download discount voucher codes direct to your phone so you can show it before you make any purchases in restaurants/shops. Check out their website at www.vouchercloud.com!! Also, try the Tesco Clubcard (or an equivalent at another store, depending on where you shop) which earns you redeemable points every time you make a trip....and buy stuff of course. They won't give you points for walking in and out again, sorry.
  • Sell stuff. eBay can sometimes seem like a waste of time, and yes my account still won't work for some unknown reason, but that doesn't mean that you can't sell things on there. With practise you'll get some bad-ass profit.
  • Cut down on booze/cigarettes. Easier said than done, right? Maybe as cigarettes are slightly more addictive, it's more manageable to cut down on the pints. If you feel the need to smoke, one less cig a day will save you money in the long run. As for drinks, prices do add up, especially on nights out in city centres, so drink less once in a while. Your pocket and body will thank you for it.

  • Take lunch out with you. Wherever you are and whatever you do, this will undoubtedly save you cash (unless you work in a place with food and get it for free, in which case, good for you). I did this at uni, when I had time/could be bothered and I had more money to spare because of it. Put your food in a lunch box in your bag, and then you can eat whenever you like, for much less money than you'd pay for an expensive yet pretty normal-standard panini. Yum.
These are all my tips so far - if you have any, feel free to share!

Rhiannon x

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06 July 2014

U on U with Us - A Shortish Story

One blissful evening in the realms of Summerfell, my friend Holly was on her daily hunt for sticks and feathers to add to her nest. It was almost sunset, and Holly was running late thanks to her 4-hour-long Skype call with Mike Calzone, her American friend with fine curls of Parmesan for hair. They'd met on-line when Holly mistook him for Nick Miller, and Mike got a bit embarrassed but then she sent him a giant burrito and it was all OK. As she arrived back at her tree, she looked up to admire the sky, her arms full of dazzling peacock wings that the ancient fire peacocks had malted off, and noticed a strange metal object stuck on a high branch. An umbrella! Except it was without the waterproof material...so basically just a frame. "What was it doing up there?" she thought in a tiny Russian voice.
Suddenly Holly had no more time to wonder as the howl of the Midnight Wolf signalled that it was no longer safe to be out. Locking the bark door behind her, she climbed the staircase to her branch, lay down the fresh feathers she'd collected and made herself a warm cup of rose hip tea.
Holly swore she hadn't let any creatures in by accident. Must have been the wind.
"Pssssssssssssssst. Over heeerrre."
Holly swiftly turned her gaze towards the direction of the voice. She was now looking at the umbrella frame; she could see a flutter of wings.
"THE MYSTIC PURPLE NETTED MINIATURE GOOSE OF TIME AND SPACE!!!!! What on Ferdinandio's Planet are you doing here?! Aren't you just a legend and figment of imaginations?!"
"Hahahahaha. Ha ha. Hahah Ha HAAHA HA HE HU," evil-laughed the Mystic Purple Netted Miniature Goose of Time and Space!!!!!. "I don't actually know."
"Oh. Well, bye then-"
"No," sighed Holly, twisting her dark blue hair between her silver claws.
"Okay well then it must be because I need to tell you about someone who is going to pass by your tree tomorrow at exactly 2:42pm and I can't say who and I can't say what but it will happen and when it does you'll know and it will change your life forever and how you view things in your daily life and how you brush your fangs and how you polish your eyes," whispered the Mystic Purple Netted Miniature Goose of Time and Space!!!!!, and with that he flew off into the super slim shady night forgetting that he couldn't actually fly as he got his wings clipped that one time at Goose Camp so he just fell and landed awkwardly with a big thump and then walked home instead.

The next day, Holly awoke to the sound of the golden tapir whistling in the pink lavender fields. It was a thick, mellow sound with the texture of a velvet throw and it wound itself around the branches of the tree, eventually seeping into Holly's ears and interrupting her dream about lemon drizzle. She sat up and crawled along a plank to the Leaf Kitchen, where she concocted a dish of wild berries and pine nuts for her breakfast. As she chewed the healthy nutritious natural goods between her molars, she remembered that something had happened last night. Something strange and unusual. She recalled the purple goose with a long name when she saw one of its feathers trapped in a spider's web further down the tree...and then remembered it falling and her dying of uncontrollable and terribly mean laughter. Poor thing.

Lunchtime arrived and Holly had already been out for her morning trot across the invisible paddock, kicking up the rare psychedelic dirt crisps along the way, so the tramp moles were happy. All of a sudden, she heard a small "HOOT" and a silver wisp of dust approached her as she was climbing up the tree trunk, startling her into a state of shock and hugely massively big awe. Then came the recurring faint squeak of metal, rumbling from the soil and a shining shiny spot in the distance on the horizon. Holly looked at her felt watch - 2:42pm. This time stood out to her for some reason unknown to her but previously revealed in this story. The shining shiny spot expanded until a wobbling bulky silhouette emerged from the crazy concoction of light - a unicorn on a unicycle.
"HOLY COWLOOP!!" Holly cried with textured wrists and she leaped down from the tree, taking the twisted umbrella frame down with her.
"Greetings," chuckled the surprisingly mobile unicorn. "I am your wildest dream and I have come to save you from whatever problems you may or may not have. I see you have welcomed me with a gift oh spindly one."
Holly looked down at the metal mess beside her.
"Oh yes, you can have this, I don't want - I mean, it's my most treasured possession and I'd really prefer to keep it but no, you can have it, of course," she proclaimed, saving her skin.
And so the unicorn scooped up the offering with it's disappointingly matte horn and nodded violently before scooting off and painting "Have a lovely day" with it's tail paint on a nearby skip.
Holly smiled. She crawled back up to her branch and had well and truly learnt that broken umbrellas were not devastatingly useless after all because you can give them to well-wishing unicorns who solve your problems with a message painted with their tail hairs on the side of a disposal receptacle.


13 June 2014


I'm writing this post in the middle of a freshly-painted ice cream manicure, which is making me type very slowly and carefully. Good timing as always. But undoubtedly worth it.

yes, right now it looks like an extremely snow-capped miniature mountain range but bear with.
Summer weather is among us now. There's no denying that the air is warmer and this time of year is the only time of year where I get anywhere near the amount of water you're meant to drink in a day (2 litres, yep). And that means it's FESTIVAL SEASON!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaay. FUN TIMES AHEAD. I'm packing to go to a festival very soon, and have been warned to take as little as possible. "The bare minimum" is a concept I often struggle to undertake, but I think I may have it cracked this year. Here's my list of bare essentials...

  • Wellies and waterproofs. No matter how optimistic you are or how many sun dances you do, Mr. Cloud could come over and he could unleash his magical waterfall. (of rain). Be prepared! Even if there is no rain, the morning dew may encourage muddiness - I've seen WAY too many people wearing converse-type shoes and being defeated by Day 1. You can buy Welly Socks from stores like The Range to stop welly burn - Google has all the answers.
  • Clothes. Yep. You may need these. Remember to bring things for all weather conditions (e.g. shorts, tees, a warm jumper, underwear and lots of socks).
  • Teeny tiny rucksack. Some may travel with things just in their pockets but you can keep an eye on a rucksack at all times and prevent theft of your valuables. Also this will make room for a decent-sized water bottle, keeping you hydrated throughout hot days.
  • Tiny toiletries and a jumbo pack of Baby Wipes. Keep the weight of your hold-all as light as possible to ensure easy transfer to your tent - the walk there from your car/bus/train can be long and will seem longer with uncomfortably heavy luggage. Festivals are usually a weekend/long weekend and you won't need much soaps and potions as you think! Use baby wipes in between showers (if you can be bothered to wash) to feel fresh.
  • Sunglasses, sunhat, sun lotion. Little Miss Sunshine is a dangerous threat if you don't protect yourself from her. Splash out on some SPF and prevent nasty sunburn, sunstroke, or worse. A sunhat will keep your head cool, especially if you have dark hair like me. I'm not a hat person at all but I made an exception this year and bought something that resembles a sombrero. Thirdly, sunglasses will be your saviour in the daytime. Top tip: If possible, stay out of the sun between 11am and 3pm - this is when its rays are strongest.
  • Mobile phone and solar charger. It might be tempting to leave your phone at home if it's an expensive one. If this is the case, and you really don't want to run the risk, pop into town and buy a cheap brick phone such as this Nokia and order a free Sim from any network of your choice. Often on festival sites texts don't get through very quickly due to the mass of people in one area, but it's better than nothing if you're in trouble or need to find someone. Solar chargers are perfect for festivals.
  • Torch. You may have one on your phone, but carry a spare wind-up one in case (batteries could get lost easily). Those guy-ropes are your enemies at night.
    If only everyone did this...
  • Money belt, ear plugs and plasters. These three I bought from Millets. They have special offers on right now for all camping gear and I'd say these three are definitely needed. The belt to keep your phone/money/suncream safe, ear plugs to aid sleep or protect your hearing when standing near speakers and plasters for those little bumps and scratches you may receive when stumbling back to your tent in the insane drunken peaceful hours of the morning. Check out these amazing Bullet Bill ear plugs:
  • Roll-up mat. Putting this on your tent floor will make your festival nights much more comfortable. I often take my yoga mat (but never have enough energy to start Sun Salutations at any point).
  • Travel-pillow and thin sleeping-bag. These two items take up more room than you think, so make sure they're small and compact. A low toggle sleeping bag will make hot mornings more pleasant. This pillow from Tesco is extra cheap and reliable.
  • Times and stages of your favourite bands. Timetables are available on sale from most festivals, but they cost about £5-£10, which could easily buy you a delicious meal and some glow sticks. Go on Clashfinder just before the event and highlight all the bands you want to see, then click print, and VOILA! Your very own personalised festival agenda.
  • And finally...SNACKS! Little biscuits, fruit flakes, nuts, raisins - keep some with you throughout the day to fight off hunger and prevent you from spending more money than you need to on food - festival food is quite expensive these days so buy in bulk. Top tip: Avoid chocolate. It will melt and it will not wash out of your bag/shorts pocket very well with the mere washing supplies you'll have to hand. Unless you like getting melted chocolate everywhere and wasting money - in which case, GO CRAZY.
    These are my breakfast essentials! Especially the ones with the yogurt in
If you're not lucky enough to be in attendance of a festival this year yet, don't fret, as you can still buy tickets for festivals like Leeds, Reading, and many more. Or create your own atmosphere - find an outdoor gig, put UV paint on your face and flowers in your hair and then camp out in your garden at night. A much cheaper alternative, with less drunk people and mud and better hygiene, if the festival scene isn't for you!

Happy Raving!

Rhiannon x


Images from sources bla, bla, bla, bla, bla.

07 June 2014

long words, bob marley and a meet-cute

I once read that 'using long words in conversation makes you sound more intelligent'.

I remember on the bus in Year 8 when everyone found out what 'discombobulated' meant and were so excited it was like we'd just discovered helium. Y'know, that feeling when you first inhaled the contents of a floating balloon and felt pale at the lack of oxygen but then when you spoke you sounded like a descendant of Mickey Mouse.

"they're year 7s, don't discombobulate them or they'll cry"

yeah that kind of classic hilarious banter.

So every so often, I aim to learn the meaning of difficult, weird, unknown-to-me-before-reading-the-dictionary words and try to use them in sentences during my day. Because I'm as sophisticated as Grace Kelly on a massive glittery swan. However most of the time these words are so ri-diculous that I either:

  1. forget their meaning
  2. forget what they're meant to sound like
  3. or forget them entirely and stop speaking, giving up the hope that I will ever recover the conversation
And the person listening just doesn't understand.
That's the problem with social interaction. There's almost always some kind of barrier between people - accents (Scottish people are beautiful but some of them just need to talk a bit slower and stop making me think they have incontinence by saying 'wee' all the time), age (some old people are intimidated by young people and some young people think old people won't like them, when in fact they most likely would love a conversation and often have amazing life stories)...

I recently met a lady and she told me about her life in Portugal and adopting 70-80 cats over her twenty years there. This was a 40 minute conversation and I'd never spoken to her before, ever, and it made my day.
Okay where were we..ah yes - and of course the physical barriers such as headphones and nobody stopping to talk to anyone like in the busy streets of a city like London. Of course, there's always the feeling that we would be interrupting a stranger if we just started talking to them out of the blue. But isn't that how all the awesome people meet in movies? Bonding over their love of posters of Bob Marley or renaissance art or blueberry muffins or even just complaining about how crazily annoying airports are. I just found out that the bit where the main characters meet in a romantic film actually has an official name: a 'meet-cute'. Hmm.

This website tells you how to create your own 'meet-cute', if you've ever wanted one of those in your life. It seems like everything on the list includes things you should do anyway to enrich your life - travel, ask for help, meet new friends...yeah I think this website is just telling you how to live normally. So we can forget about that one. Basically, just keep doing what you're doing.

If we use long words in conversation to impress people, it is likely that we will make a twonk of ourselves unless we have engraved these words into our brains with an invisible stick...or use long words normally anyway. I think I'm going to stick to things I like to talk about, and if they don't like it or they think I'm weird, they can get lost.

Rhiannon x

24 May 2014

my Summer Bucket List

So it's getting to the point now where people doing exams are finishing their school/uni years. I honestly remember the points at which I finished GCSEs and A-levels for good as times when I actually believed I could fly. Like a mega serious bird. Kind of like Big Bird from Sesame Street, but with less gravitational pull.

I felt so relieved that they were over that the massive feeling of relief carried on to the 'dreaded' results day and I successfully managed to avoid stress when collecting them.
If you're experiencing this, or just about to, EMBRACE IT because freedom is a fabulous feeling.
And because it is completely and utterly 452.8% true that you will not have more than 2 months off in a row when you get a job in the future.
This is why, even though I will actually be working in the summer more than most uni and school students, I have created a summer bucket list.

One time me and a friend were sitting on chairs in the weirdly placed seating area in Leeds Trinity Shopping Centre (it is literally in the middle of the walkway) and coming up with a bucket list to complete before we were 20.

It looked a bit like this:
  1. sleep under the stars
  2. get another piercing
Seriously that was it. Appalling right? Surely there are so many ideas???

So we tried again, but this time for our whole lives:

  1. go to America
  2. buy a cat
  3. own a vintage VW beetle
My friend actually already had a cat.

While I do want to do all three things on this list, there are limitations.
America - this is a personal ambition of mine and yes it probably does have a lot to do with TV shows...but I still want to go. However, I will undoubtedly need a lot of money to do this. And realistically it's not going to happen any time soon.

Buy a cat - CATS ARE GREAT. I got it recently confirmed that I am a cat whisperer (so watch out for me on More4 soon). But I can't get one until I move out. And until I'm not in uni accommodation. Basically until I have my own place (and I don't have a clue when this will happen)
Own a vintage VW beetle - They are popular. Because they are flippin' gorgeous. And thus there are expensive (cry)

YET LOW AND BEHOLD. I came across a fabulous article from a website from which I nabbed many ideas for a list and added a few of my own. The main thing about these ideas is that they are actually do-able. Achievable. And low-cost. Every target feels better when you know that you can eventually accomplish it.

Alors, voila my summer bucket list:

created with my 28 sharpies. yes that is a sideways view of my face

HOPEFULLY you can read some of those. A few of my personal favourites are

"run outside in the rain and look up like in Shawshank"

"learn the handshake from the Parent Trap"

"write a letter to Ellen DeGeneres"
(which shouldn't be difficult as I think she's seriously inspirational)

Doing yoga outside will most definitely happen as well so if anyone in the surrounding area is allergic to zen-like music or the sound of a pan-flute please speak now or forever hold your peace.

To sum up, if you, oh wonderful reader, fear that you may have a few too many empty days in the summer to fill up with your pre-planned schedule of eating and sunbathing and Netflix and eating, why not make a summer bucket list.
I give you full permission to steal as many of mine as you wish but maybe there's something that you'd like to achieve this summer.
Write one out and stick it on your wall or keep a small list in your pocket wherever you go. Mr. Boredom shall be defeated, mauahahahahahahah

Summer officially starts in June in my eyes. So I'm currently preparing myself to air guitar outdoors while making lemonade. Get on it like a car bonnet.

Rhiannon x

p.s. my last blog post got the highest number of views I've ever got in my history of blogging so thank you!!!
my token of blogging love to all of you

14 May 2014

50 First Dates

So you like someone...maybe you met in the street, a store, a bar, a club, a petrol station (if that's your thing) or maybe you've known each other for a lengthy segment of time. Juicy.

Let's say for the sake of this post that you met this person a few days ago.
You exchanged phone numbers, had brief but successful conversation and got to know each other just enough to be assured that you're both okay human beings.
Now you're sitting in your room, eating quality popcorn I hope, debating whether or not to make the first move.
Once you've got that out the way (it's fine if you're a wait-er instead of a go-getter), it gets to the point where you mutually feel like meeting up again. "YAY THIS PERSON THAT YOU LIKE IS GOING TO BE IN THE SAME PLACE AND YOU'RE GOING TO LIKE THEM AND HAVE A WONDERFUL TIME" your brain says for a minute to a soundtrack by Pharrell Williams. And then it hits you.

What. On Earth. DO I DO.

Fear not fwend. For I am here to attempt to write an attempt to help.

Here are my Rules for first-date-type encounters, followed by the Do's and Don't's when yattering/muttering sentences at your likeable person.

Les Rules.

  1. Appearance - if you don't want it to be like a date, don't dress like you're going on one. Just wear what you normally would for a trip out shopping/to the cinema/to the skatepark (some of you are probably that badass). Make sure it's an outfit that is or that contains an item that you feel good in. Like super good. Then you will radiate self-confidence and that is super attractive.
  2. Act like yourself - you may reject this line of advice often. You may share Miranda's here view: -->                                           But (and this may be the most important part, do not ask why this is point number 2...(it's late and I need my 8 hours of Netflix)) - if the person you like doesn't like you as you then they can go and stuff their head up a cow's butt and never return as far as you're concerned. Do not let anybody change you. What I'm trying to say is - they're not worth your fabulous attention and time. The only way to find this out it to be yourself.
  3. Sobriety - As a first date rule, and this probably applies to the following dates up to a point, don't get drunk. You may end up saying something you don't mean to or falling over and making a twonk out of yourself and end up remembering it the morning after in a painful headache-d daze and becoming forever embarrassed to see this person ever again.You preferably want to remember the date the next day.
  4. Worst Case Scenario? FWEND - Yeah, yeah, the friendzone.
Yet friends are amazing and great to have. Everyone knows that, so one more in the bag is a great thing. Likelihood is that, since you originally found you had things in common, you'll get along like a completely 100% wooden house on fire.

Les Do's et les Don't's a la Talking.
  1. DO fill the awkward silences - Or at least try to. With words preferably. Don't just start singing please. Only if it's a really really good song. Like 'Take On Me.'
  2. DON'T talk about exes/other people you sound more romantically interested in than them - They will not know who they are. Your jokes about that time at a festival or party in Leeds/Magaluf/Your Friend's Abode will mean nothing to them and this will reflect on their reacting facial expressions. And your date points.
  3. DON'T bitch - Yes. I just said the word for female dog. Woof. But seriously don't - it doesn't give a fabulous impression of your amazing self and I know we all do it from time to time...but this is not the time. (This does not fall under 'Acting Like Yourself'. This falls under 'Acting Like Your Evil Twin'.)
  4. DO smile :) - It's likely that you don't bear the most preciously perfect set of pearly whites, and that's absolutely fine. Smiling is about showing that you're having a great time and that you appreciate the company of your likeable person. Not your need to display the pointiness of your incisors.
  5. DO pay compliments - If you're a male reader, you've probably tried to do this more times than you need in your life (merci) and if you're a female reader, this applies to you too - everything suggesting 'men should do all the asking on dates/proposing/etc in heterosexual relationships' is, in my opinion, absolute dog's DOO-DOO and no wonder it is mostly males who are unfaithful, as due to tradition those particular ones probably think they own all the romantic relationships they have. They don't by the way. Outshine them, fellow girlies.

If you have any further questions, I quite like being a human problem solver/improver-at-least so feel free to send them my way. (online, sorry, my owl's got lost)

To sum up, I apologise for anyone who has spent their time reading this who is in a perfectly functional relationship and didn't need to... but then why did you? I'm not really sorry muahahahahahahahaha
Instead I am grateful for your support. Normally I don't get that many messages to me from my blogsite but I will be doing a Q&A when I get enough so please send your questions in via the contact form. They can be about anything - what I eat at 6pm on Thursdays, or if I own any magical stones. If you want it to be super anonymous and you know where I live (creepy), write a note (maybe in a brown felt tip pen like Tracy Beaker's mum) 

and post it through my door with a super secret SecretName. Like Fanta Tamagotchi. or something. I really hope someone is called that now.

Rhiannon x